Meet the new Casa Amor girls ready to create some drama we’ve all been waiting for…

We all know by now Casa Amor brings you the twists and explosive drama we have definitely all been waiting for.

The singletons set to shake things up have been announced and we are here to bring you the gossip. Six hot ladies and six hunky men are set to make their debut shortly.

The contestants will be given the chance to stay in their current couples or couple up with someone new and risk their current couple being ditched from the Island.

Here’s what we know about the Casa Amor contestants.

Meet the girls:

Jade Affleck

Name: Jade Affleck

 Age: 25

From: Yarm

Occupation: Sales professional

She thinks she’ll makes the perfect Love Island contestant because “I’m fun, feisty and ready to meet someone perfect to take home to my mum and dad. My family’s seal of approval is very important to me.”

Priscilla Anyabu

Name: Priscilla Anyabu

Age: 25

From: Battersea

Occupation: Model and operations manager

She describes her ideal man as “I don’t have a type but I like a built physique, muscular, tall, a nice smile and good teeth! And a warming spirit. They have to have good manners too.”

Jamie McCann

Name: Jamie McCann

Age: 24

From: Ayrshire

Occupation: Eyelash technician

Fun fact: She used to be a disco dancer when she was younger so she’s ‘flexible’.

Molly Smith

Name: Molly Smith

Age: 25

From: Manchester

Occupation: Model

She has her eye on Luke M. She likes how he dresses,, his hair and he seems really fashionable. He seems confident as well which is what she likes.

Eva Zapico

Name: Eve Zapico

Age: 21

From: Bromley

Occupation: Recruitment consultant

She says: I rate myself 10/10 – how can you expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself? I’d say my hair is my best feature – it’s long, thick and bright.

Natalia Zoppa

Name: Natalia Zoppa

Age: 20

From: Manchester

Occupation: Student and club promoter

She says: I don’t really hold back, if I’m in a bad mood people will know about it. I’m not very good at hiding my emotions.

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