New beauty Rebecca Gormley is teased as new Love Island arrival

Love Island teased the new arrival of beauty queen Rebecca Gormley on Sunday nights episode. Rebecca was crowned Miss Newcastle 2018/2019 and is set to enter the villa on Monday nights episode.

She already has an impressive 14.6K followers on instagram so no doubt she’ll quickly build up her fan base.

There was a lot of speculation around Rebecca age from fans, some claiming she looked a lot older then her age of 21-years-old.

‘How are 21 year olds on Love Island (and in general tbh) looking about 28 but I’m 25 this week and still looking about 18? Cool. Thanks… This one and Finley are going through a lot at 20/21 #LoveIsland… the new bombshell…

‘she’s not even ugly but she does look older #LoveIsland… How is the new girl only 21? She’s a year older than me and I look 15…

The beauty is from Newcastle and worked as a part-time model and carer. She describes herself as the perfect Islander because she’s “fun, loud and outgoing”.

She rates herself a 8.5 or a 9 on looks and considers herself “fearless and spontaneous”. Her celebrity crush is Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey because he is a “man who knows what he wants”.

Her type is a ‘Jack the lad’. They need to be the centre of attention, hold their own and get involved. She has her eyes on Connagh, Callum and Mike.

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