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Behind the scenes at Noisily Festival 2022: Essential info and more

There’s no doubting that the last couple of years have been tough for big events like Festivals. However, we have some great news. After two years off, Noisily Festival is set to return this July 2022. With dates set from the 7th to the 10th of July, we couldn’t be more excited to get back into the swing of festival season. So, what can you expect from Noisily Festival this year?

John Digweed, Eat’s Everything, Ben Coda and OC and Verde Headline

The festival with see a fantastic lineup this year with British DJ and record producer Jon Digweed,  DJ Eat’s Everything, Ben Coda and OC and Verde all headlining. Other acts in 2022 include Luis M, Life Pauli Pocket Audley, Atlantik, Audio Anonymous, Beth Lydis vs Andreas Henneberg, Henri Bergmann, Ipcress and many more. You can follow updates on more acts as and when they are announced here.

Noisily Festival set to return for July 2022
© Photography by Jake Davis for Khroma Collective

Noisily Festival: Key events 2022

Noisily Festival say, ‘we are more than just 6,000 people in the woods for 4 days, we are a family. We will support and guide our community to a better future.’ They are a leading light in the UK’s Festival wellness scene and act as an alternative learning centre rooted in holistic and spiritual practices. The festival is a platform for music, arts, Psychedelic culture and creativity.

Saturday night will also see a huge show with Carbon, Lampe and Luis M bringing a psychedelic techno session to the stage. Likewise, Frida Darko and her friend Tony Cassanova will bring the forest to life on Saturday night, with their downtempo techno. It’s set to be an incredible night with the Noisy dancefloor in full swing.

In addition to this, OC and Verde will bring red hot tech-house and Eat’s Everything will ignite the party with his big bass sounds. This year will see A Noisily debut for UK progressive house legend, John Digweed. He’s set to close the stage on Sunday with a huge four-hour set.

© Photography by Jake Davis for Khroma Collective
© Photography by Jake Davis for Khroma Collective (

We sat down with the team behind the festival to ask some questions about this years event.

Q.”What makes Noisily different from other UK festivals?”

“Noisily is its own entity.  It was built from the ground up starting with a few hundred people in 2012 up to the 5K of peeps who attend today.  Our music program is pretty much unique in the UK . We represent underground music which has no place at most festivals.  Noisily brings together an awesome bunch of people – we have created a special community who come together once a year to celebrate life in Coney Woods – it brings magic to the air for everyone.”

Q. “How important is sustainability to the festival?”

“Its vital to our ethos as an event.  We really really care about the woods the festival take place in.  We treat it like a home from home and expect our community to as well.  For the past four years we’ve been working on our ‘Looking After the Woods’ initiative, not only to care for the land we are privileged to call home, but to present ways in which we can all change our lifestyles in order to help slow and potentially reverse climate change in the immediate future.”

Q.’What can festival-goers expect from Noisily in 2022?

“It’s our comeback after 2 years out the game due to Covid 19.  The entire team are stepping up several gears to deliver a seismic event and something special for everyone to remember.  The music program we are pulling together has some great music – some bigger names and some special underground talent who are coming to prominence as we speak.  The production and creative teams have had 2 years to plan the event – and can’t wait to unleash their ideas into the woods for you all to see!”


With climate change accelerating at an unprecedented rate, sustainability is something that is at the forefront of our minds. Noisily festival is sustainable orientated and the organisers place great emphasis on looking at the ways we can slow climate change. Some of the sustainable practices that this festival follows include:

  • No plastic bottles of cutlery are sold on-site.
  • The festival team only use 100% Paraben free and SLS free washing up liquid, kitchen cleaners and personal care products.
  • Compost toilets are chemical and water-free.
  • Encourage care sharing and enforce a mandatory £10 carbon tax at the festival gate for any cars arriving with 2 or fewer people.
  • The festival aims to recycle as much waste as possible, having recycled 96.8% of waste in 2019.
  • Noisily Festival 2022
    © Photography by Jake Davis for Khroma Collective


Essential information

Noisily Festival takes place deep in the Coney Woods in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside.

The festival runs from the 7th to the 10th of July with gates opening from Thursday to the following Monday. The festival is strictly an 18+ event.

Tickets are available here. Get in quick before they sell out.



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