Pete Wicks Net worth

Pete Wicks’ $1 million net worth and how he made it

Pete Wicks made his fame through appearing on The Only Way is Essex, and the reality star became a series regular on series 15. He was born on 31st October 1988 and was raised by his mum after his dad left the family when he was 11 years old. After extensive research, his net worth has yet to be disclosed but is estimated to be somewhere between $100,000-$1 million. This, of course, isn’t exactly very useful information, but here’s what we know about his career.

Pete Wicks Net Worth

How Pete Wicks Made his Money

Before his stardom, Pete used to be a director of a company, where he supplied consultant doctors to the NHS. He now owns a string of properties and has a business portfolio, which earns him a fair bit of money, especially since apparently TOWIE doesn’t pay its stars extensively. He also has a modelling career and gets brand deals. In 2018, he released his book, titled, For The Love Of Frenchies: The Dogs That Changed My Life. He also released his own clothing line, Hermano, which has garnered a lot of attention, with its own Instagram account that has 22.2K followers. Clearly, his work on TOWIE is his main job, but these other side projects have helped him to make a lot of money too. He now has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and has used his platform to partner with businesses such as Just Eat, Sky TV, and Crystal Ski Holidays.

His Fame

Wicks joined the cast of The Only Way is Essex back in 2015, and has had some major storylines thanks to his romances with cast members Megan McKenna and Shelley Tribble. He is also best friends with co-star James Lock. He has also starred in other reality shows such as Celebs Go Dating and Celebrity MasterChef. His fame from TOWIE has given him opportunities to start his modelling career and now acts as an ambassador for the RSPCA to advocate for animal welfare issues. He seems to want to continue his career as a reality star as well as focusing on his business ventures.

And what about his love life?

Wicks seems to be currently single, however, he has had a turbulent love life in the past few years which has been publicly documented on TOWIE. He began dating Megan McKenna in 2015, but they split up after a year and a half together when Pete was caught texting other women. Pete then began dating fellow TOWIE star Shelby Tripple in 2017, but the pair split after it was revealed that Shelby felt like a rebound. In 2019 Pete confirmed he was dating model Georgina Mullins, but it is presumed they have now split up. He seems to be single at the moment, but viewers will have to keep up with the upcoming series of TOWIE to keep updated with his love life.

In a recent interview with PrettyLittleThing, Pete threw a substantial amount of shade at his mate Sam Thompson and partner Zara. When asked who his least favourite couple was, he named them, on accounts of their rocky relationship thus far. He then went on to say that he has never really been in love, explaining that he thinks people mistake obsession with love… A bit of a harsh thing for any of his exes to hear!

His Tattoos

Pete Wicks Tattoos
Source: Daily Mail

Pete’s trademark looks are long hair and a body filled with tattoos. He has his chest, neck, both his arms and one full leg tattooed. He hasn’t revealed how many individual tattoos he has but since he normally resolves to get full sleeves and full body areas covered he probably isn’t sure of the exact number himself. He has received some backlash from fans concerning his tattoos, who have told him they are “too much” but Pete responded on Twitter saying, “Here we go again…” too many tattoos” – I happen to like them and as it’s my body, I’ll probably do what I want with it so sssshhh now!”

What’s he doing now?

In January, Pete and Sam Thompson from Made In Chelsea announced that they were working on a show with E4. This news came out just before Pete’s salty comment about Thompson’s relationship. Hopefully, that won’t affect the pair’s friendship or partnership, and we’ll get more of Pete and Sam’s Reality News, which began on 25th January. You can watch past episodes here.

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