Quarantine-free travel destinations you should visit this winter

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, one thing everyone needs is a good break. Imagine jetting off abroad over the festive period, leaving all the stress of uni-life behind. Now as well, more and more places are going quarantine-free when you get there! So, we thought we’d share our favourite places that are now going quarantine-free, according to TUI.

Quarantine-free with no vaccination:

1. Turkey


Source: Rough Guide

If you’re wanting to take advantage of the low winter prices in Turkey, you should also be prepared with clothes for any weather! For foodies, this time of year may be ideal for experiencing Turkish culture. According to Go Turkey Tourism, soup is a key part of the Turkish diet, along with kebabs (this diet sounds like a dream to me), which are both ideal for getting cosy on your seasonal trip away.

2. Greece

Source: Business Insider

Did someone say Mamma Mia but festive? If you’ve been waiting to fulfil your fantasy of running away to Greece like Donna, why not squeeze this in during the winter break. For some much need escapism from the looming January exams, Greece seems ideal for exploring outside of peak tourist season, to feel properly immersed in the culture.

3. Maldives

Source: Marriot

If you’re looking for a getaway to a warmer climate, then the Maldives should be top of your list! Described on Visit Maldives as ‘the sunny side of life’, the holiday destination appears to be perfect for avoiding the miserable British weather during the winter break. Imagine sunbathing by the pool, sipping cocktails in December? Sounds like a dream.

4. Croatia

Source: Worldstrides

There’s so much going on in Croatia! If you’re looking for an activity packed holiday hiking, biking and generally adventuring, then Croatia will certainly satisfy this, with its many lakes and mountains to explore. However, if you’re looking to take in the sights and culture of a new city, then Croatia’s Dubrovnik has this and more to offer.

5. Spain (Mainland and Canary Islands)

Source: Travel Triangle

Whether you fancy a city break or a chilled getaway, then either Mainland Spain or the Canary Islands are for you. You’ll be able to soak in the festive celebrations of Barcelona or Madrid, experiencing a Christmas different to your usual traditions. Alternatively, a secluded resort in the Canary Islands might be just what’s needed to distract you from the stress of everyday life.

Quarantine-free but fully vaccinated:

1. Lapland

Source: The Independent

Surely Lapland should be the number one choice for a winter getaway? A trip to meet Father Christmas himself – YES PLEASE! Nothing seems as appealing right now, as sipping hot chocolate in a cosy hotel, before visiting a reindeer or husky farm! The festive vibes are immaculate.

2. Italy


In Italy the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re inspired by Disney’s Luca, and want to check out the stunning Amalfi Coast, or riding round Venice in a Gondola is more your scene, Italy would be the perfect destination for you this winter.

3. USA


There’s one thing that matters here, and it’s Christmas in New York. Surely everyone’s fantasised about seeing New York during December at some point in their lives? Alternatively, if you’re trying to escape the cold, then maybe a trip to LA is more for you, ticking off some of the classic sights.

4. Thailand

Source: Timeout

If you’re interested in a different kind of cultural getaway, then Thailand could be perfect. According to kimkim.com, December is ideal for visiting Thailand, due to the cooler temperatures and easing of the rain. Your trip may even coincide with the Chiang Mai Red Cross and Winter Fair, a 10-day festival at the end of December, celebrating Thai culture!

5. Barbados


Like Thailand, Barbados cools down in the winter months, but staying lovely and warm. Luckily, December is outside hurricane season, so your trip won’t go the same way as it does in FRIENDS, and you’ll be able to explore the Island to your hearts content.

To find out where else you can travel to this winter, check out the TUI website. Go on, book a last-minute festive break, you deserve it!

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