Summer internships are a great way to gain experience in your chosen field. They’re unsurprisingly very competitive to get onto, but, if you’re successful, they come with a lot of benefits. It’s something to do in the summer, often you can get paid, and you gain experience in a company that could potentially give you a full-time job in the future. So, if you want to apply for a summer internship but don’t know where to start, this article has got you covered. Here are 10 of the best summer internships for 2024.


10 best summer internships for 2024
Source: The British Irish Chamber of Commerce

For anyone interested in a career in finance, KPMG’s vacation programs are what you’re looking for. They have two four-week programs in their audit and tax businesses. The programs are designed to give you significant experience, both relevant to finance and working life generally. If you’re successful in the program, you may have the opportunity to be considered for the graduate program in the same area (audit/tax) and office. 

2. Leonardo

10 best summer internships for 2024
Source: Leonardo

Leonardo is a company that specialises in aerospace, defence and security, so a great option for any engineering students. They have summer placement opportunities in mechanical engineering, systems engineering, electronic engineering, photonics and more. This is at two sites, one in Crewe and one in Luton. Alongside summer placements, they have a number of apprenticeships, industrial placements and graduate roles.

3. Global Experiences

10 best summer internships for 2024
Source: Global Experiences

If you’re looking for summer internships abroad for 2024, there are plenty of options available. Global Experiences primarily offers internships in and around Western Europe but also offers experiences in New York City, Washington DC, Costa Rica and Australia. There are also virtual internships if going abroad isn’t feasible for you for whatever reason. The internships on offer span a wide range of fields from sports administration to IT to fashion design to accounting. There’s something for everyone on offer. 

4. Deutsche Bank

10 best summer internships for 2024
Source: Deutsche Bank Careers

Deutsche Bank is another great option if you’re looking for a career in finance. However, they will accept applications from any discipline, so long as you’re in your penultimate year of university – i.e. to get a summer internship in 2024, you need to be graduating in 2025. Internships with Deutsche Bank encompass all areas of the company, from asset management to technology to retail banking and more. 

5. AstraZeneca

10 best summer internships for 2024
Source: Pharmaceutical Technology

This is one for the STEM students out there. AstraZeneca has a number of summer internships for 2024 (10-12 weeks long) at their campuses in Macclesfield and Cambridge. These are in analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical science, analytical and purification science, synthetic organic chemistry and quality control. There are different requirements for each degree, but generally, you need to be studying a chemistry-based degree and have completed at least one year of study. 

6. Civil Service

10 best summer internships for 2024
Source: Wikipedia

For anyone interested in a career in politics, the Civil Service is a great option. You’ll spend your 2024 summer internships doing 6-8 weeks working in a government department, conducting research, shadowing senior civil servants and more. To take part, you need to be in your final two years of undergrad with a 2:2 or higher, preferably (but not obligatory) in a STEM subject. The best part is that you’ll be paid a salary of £391 per week (paid monthly). 

7. Centrica

10 best summer internships for 2024
Source: Centrica

Centrica is an international energy and services company that offers summer internships in commercial analysis, business management, marketing, engineering, finance, HR, procurement and DTS. That makes it one of the best summer internships because there’s something for a variety of degree programs. Should you be successful during the 9-week program, you could potentially get a spot on Centrica’s graduate program. 

8. Beyond Academy

Beyond Academy internships abroad
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Another great option if you want to do an internship abroad. Beyond Academy offers internships in 14 cities around the world: Tokyo, London, New York, Barcelona, Sydney, Seoul, San Francisco, Dublin, Berlin, Paris, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Toronto, as well as remote internships. This is in a wide range of fields from architecture to fashion to journalism to law. While it costs a lot more than the others on this list, Beyond Academy helps you with all the important things, like visa applications and finding accommodation. 

9. JP Morgan Chase

10 best summer internships for 2024
Source: JP Morgan Careers

JP Morgan Chase is one of the most famous banking organisations in the world. With them, you have the opportunity to undertake summer internships in various fields from corporate analysis to global finance and more. The applications for these internships are on a rolling basis so you need to stay up to date. Plus, with JP Morgan Chase being a very global company, you have the opportunity to undertake your internships at their many offices across the world. 

10. Tesco

Tesco Apprenticeships & Graduates
Professional employees work at Tesco Extra

While it may not be as glamorous as some of the other options on this list per se, Tesco is one of the best summer internships. You’ll earn a salary of £24,000 pro rata (you’ll get paid the proportion of this based on how long you work), which comes with many other benefits like subsidised gyms and restaurants on-site, holiday days and more. This comes alongside the experience of working at one of the biggest companies in the country. 

So, these are 10 of the best summer internships for 2024. Internships with high-profile companies will be highly competitive, but that’s not to say they’re completely impossible. And they’re generally worthwhile too, so while your mates are off travelling the world, you’ll be gaining valuable career advantage. 

5 advantages of doing summer internships in 2024

benefits of summer internships 2024

In the dynamic landscape of career development, summer internships in 2024 offer a unique set of benefits compared to internships during other times of the year. These advantages are particularly pronounced in the context of the evolving job market and educational calendars.

1. Alignment with academic schedules

Summer internships align seamlessly with university schedules in the UK, making them an ideal choice for students. Unlike internships during term time, summer placements do not conflict with academic commitments, allowing students to fully immerse themselves in the professional experience without the added pressure of coursework and exams. This uninterrupted focus can lead to a more enriching learning experience and a deeper engagement with the internship role.

2. Increased opportunities for full-time employment

Many organisations ramp up their recruitment efforts during the summer, often viewing this period as a prime time to scout for future full-time employees. Interns who perform exceptionally well during their summer placements are frequently considered for graduate roles, providing a direct pathway to employment upon completion of their studies.

3. Broader range of opportunities

Summer internships often come with a wider variety of roles and projects, as companies anticipate the influx of temporary staff. This diversity allows interns to explore different aspects of their chosen field, gain a broader skill set, and make more informed decisions about their future career paths.

4. Networking and professional development

Summer internships are bustling hubs of professional activity. They offer ample opportunities for networking, not only with professionals within the host organisation but also with fellow interns who could be future colleagues or collaborators. The relationships forged during these internships can be invaluable for career progression.

5. Intensive learning and skill acquisition

Given their condensed nature, summer internships often involve intensive training and rapid skill acquisition. This immersive experience is beneficial for students and recent graduates, providing a steep learning curve that equips them with practical skills and knowledge that are highly valued in the job market.

Summer internships in 2024 present a compelling option for those seeking to enhance their employability and gain substantial professional experience. The timing, opportunities for full-time roles, diversity of experiences, networking potential, and intensive learning environment make them an attractive choice for students and recent graduates aiming to kickstart their careers.

Internships and work experience aren’t just a summertime thing either. If you’re looking to get work experience but don’t know where to start, here’s our advice on how to get work experience as a student.

There’s also plenty of other internships available, including long term ones that last up to a year. For more insight, check out our list of the best finance internships, the best data science internships or even consider an internship in the Civil Service.

Last Updated on February 8, 2024