Starting University is a massive whirlwind of emotions and experiences. Some you are more prepared for then others. Here is 10 things you probably weren’t prepared for prior to starting at University.

1. Day to day survival

Back home we are used to cooked meals, an empty laundry basket, and well just about everything prepared for us – thanks to our amazing parents. At university you have to quickly get used to daily chores and quickly become a master chief if you’re going to get away from takeaways every night and microwavable meals. Anyway, lets be honest, living on takeaways will soon see your bank account quickly drain to £0.

If you don’t want to go through your 3 to 4 years of university living off beans on toast, then it’s a good idea to get clued up on some basic cooking recipes. Check back next week for our guide on easy healthy student meals to get you started at University.

Likewise if you’ve never done a washing load or ironed then it’s time to get clued up. Ask a housemate if they can give you their wisdom or simply do it to learn! You’ve got this and Uni doesn’t have to be as hard as people say. We are just out of our comfort zone and it’s fully in our control to learn what we need to!

2. Your new city will soon feel like home

8 things you aren't prepared for at uni

Some people can’t wait to leave home and experience a new city. Whereas others are more apprehensive and nervous at the thought of a new city, new people and new life skills. Either way when you go home for Christmas you’ll be itching to get back to uni, trust us! The feeling of being lost is very much short-lived.

If you are feeling nervous about living in a new city, then get on social and search for fresher groups at your University. You can get ahead of the game by connecting with people going to the same uni as you, or even staying at the same halls as you. You’ll feel better once you start connecting with people.

3. Studying is mostly independent

Some people hate to be told when you do things but others want the guidance and support. If you’ve hated instructions before then you’ll like the new found freedom. At university you’ll be given deadlines but other then that you’re very much left to your own devices. It’s up-to you to motivate yourself to go to lectures and seminars and to plan your time accordingly to ensure you hit deadlines. That’s why it’s important to establish a routine early to take you through uni.

4. Making friends is a doddle

8 things you aren't prepared for at uni

For some reason most freshers find making friends the most daunting part of going to university. However you’ve got to remember everyone is in the same boat as you are. Everyone is looking to make friends. So get our your comfort zone and talk to the people around you. Everyone is feeling the same so just remember that.

If you do find it difficult talking to people then look to join the uni societies where you’ll be forced to interact and will easily make friends this way.

5. Your loan doesn’t last forever

University can be expensive. It’s likely the first time your living away from home and you’ll have to budget. You’ll have clothes, food, alcohol, books and transport to pay for. We haven’t even mentioned rent yet. If you’re not careful you’ll get so excited and ‘make it rain’… BUT don’t, you’ll thank yourself later!

Of course you want to have fun in freshers but keep a budget and always only take out what you need. Once the excitement of freshers is out the way and your settled in, you can always look for a part-time job. Check out these side hassles that are perfect for freshers. 

6. Take advantage of the student discounts!

When you’re a student, the world is your oyster. Companies offer a vast array of discounts for transport, clothes and even food. Uni is expensive enough so it’s important for your budgeting to take full advantage of the discounts. Get yourself on Unidays and student bean. Get yourself an NUS card and a student railcard. These will help you to cut back on spending.

7. The mess

Get yourself mentally prepared for the inevitable mess you’ll most likely live in. Students aren’t known to be the cleanest people in the world so if you share a kitchen you may be shocked at how this is kept. Try your best to be tidy and perhaps enforce a cleaning rota. People may not like the idea at first but they’ll soon come round to your way of thinking when everything is a lot cleaner.

8. You may feel overwhelmed at times

It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed sometimes and even the most confident students will feel this. But it’s important to not let this get you down. Some say uni is the best time of their lives and it’ll be yours too. It’s all about growing as a person, becoming more confident and independent and helping you towards adulthood. Take a deep breath, you’ve completely got this!