Studying in the United Kingdom, while being a uniquely amazing experience can also cost a student a pretty penny. As is common knowledge, reputable institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Loughborough and over 300 other highly acclaimed universities have made the UK a sought-after destination for both local and international students. Due to this high demand, students who do choose to study in the UK find themselves having to bear the burden of a hefty tuition fees for the period of their program. In fact, according to Global Scholarships the UK is considered to have the most expensive higher education programs in the continent for international students. However, many institutions are aware of the hardships that their students have to face and therefore, there are alternatives and pathways that one could choose to lessen the burden from a financial perspective. Here are just a few ways you could study in the United Kingdom for free.

Find part-time work

You will find that in uni you will have ample free time on your hands. Of course, it is key that we dedicate an adequate number of hours to your course and research. However, between those hours of studying and partying, it is possible to make time to find a part-time job whereby you could earn a fair income to support your daily living. Many university students choose to work part-time while attending to their coursework. A few of those common student jobs include retail, hospitality or just odd jobs in and around your neighbourhood.

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Here are a few options for part-time work in the Hospitality industry:

Michael Wisher

Arc Hospitality

Blue Arrow

Accordingly, students can also find part-time work on sites such as:


Career Builder


Student Loans and Finance

This, of course, does not apply to international students. However, the opportunity granted to all local UK students is immensely beneficial in the long run. The government funded loan facility is a great money saver and is one of the best initiatives in the world to make higher education accessible to all. However, it is essential that students spend this fund smartly and wisely. It is not uncommon to encounter individuals who have not utilised this facility wisely and have found themselves in difficult situations. Be smart about spending and manage your money well and you will find that this government funded allotment will be more than enough for you to live comfortably while almost spending absolutely nothing for your studies day-to-day living.

Source: Telegraph

Scholarships, Funds and Bursaries

The most obvious and by far the easiest method in which students can get compensation or even get their full tuition fees waived off. But you’d be surprised to know that a large portion of students who attend don’t actually apply for university scholarships. Reasons can vary from not knowing details about institution scholarship programs to thinking that you’re not good enough to be awarded a scholarship.

Universities are making a great effort to advertise their scholarship programs to new and returning students while many institutions have in place special grants and bursaries specifically for international students. These can range between a flat sum of a specific amount of a certain amount or even an annual reduction of one’s tuition fees.

Secondly, we must remember that we should never sell ourselves short. We have achieved something great, which was to be accepted to one of only 300 reputable institutions in one of the most sought -after education destinations in the world. Therefore, it is important to really put yourself out there, sell your brand and aim for the stars. Universities are looking for students like you to support, all you need to do is apply.

Studying for free in one of the most expensive higher education destinations is not completely impossible. But to lessen the cost, all it requires is a little out of the box thinking and just a touch of ingenuity.