Before you start university, it’s best to budget and save some money before the living costs of university life hit you. Maybe you could start a business? Before you know it, you could be a young entrepreneur who started it all before university. Here are the best side hustles so you can save some money before university.

Sell things on Depop or Gumtree

Have any things lying around that don’t have much meaning to you? Why not sell them on selling sites or apps such as Depop, Gumtree or Vinted? You can gain a profit from this. Slowly, this will build up in time and you will have enough savings to carry you into university. You could sell old clothes, books, past school notes etc. Whatever you fancy!

Get a temp job

It’s the most obvious option on list- but think about getting a temp or part-time job before you start uni. It’s pretty straightforward and easy. In fact, many recruitment agencies like Reed offer plenty of short term roles that can be incredibly well paid. These include admin roles, receptionist and customer service roles.  By doing this, you’ll be able to save money by building up your salary and keeping it in your savings rather than spending it all at once. Plus, you might not be able to balance uni with working, so it’s better to save up before you start.

Take up tutoring

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Tutoring children in GCSE and A-level years could help boost your savings. Companies, such as CoachBright, are looking for well-rounded individuals who can teach children from disadvantaged children for a negotiated price. This could be beneficial before university because you are keeping yourself busy whilst also refreshing your memory by teaching children valuable things about your specified subject.

Take part in paid surveys

Maybe taking part in paid surveys could be your thing? You could easily gain a salary by giving some of your time for taking surveys. This could be a range of topics including certain products, services and issues. The top five sites are Opinion Panel, I-Say by IPSOS, YouGov, Swagbucks and Toluna. This will gradually build up in time and you can easily create a pot of savings from doing this.

Do promotional work

retail work for students
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Popular, everyday brands that you may see on the supermarket shelves use campaigns that need casual staff. The locations where you are placed can vary but you may possibly find yourself at a big event! You can also pick and choose what days you want to work. This role is ideal for the hard-working students who are always on their feet, maybe it could be for you? The best website to look for these roles is Push Promotions.

Try freelancing

If you already have a career in mind, why not try freelancing? You could write and freelance articles if you are into English and journalism on sites such as Copify. The list of possibilities are endless! For example, if you were a small time artist, you could commission your portraits and charge people who want them, including pet and family portraits. Etsy is a good website to promote your artistic talents!

Become an influencer

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If you’re handy with social media and have a solid understanding of the apps, including Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, then becoming an influencer could be a solid decision in order for you to gain some cash. All you need to do is to prove the reach of your posts and reach out to brands in order to promote their products!

Read on, to see more of our favourite side hustles.

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