Finance internships in the UK offer a pivotal opportunity for students to gain practical experience in the dynamic world of finance. These internships are not just about acquiring work experience; they are a gateway to understanding the intricacies of the financial sector and setting a strong foundation for a future career. In the competitive finance sector, having relevant work experience can significantly distinguish you from other candidates. Internships are typically offered by leading graduate employers, especially over the summer months, providing an excellent start to your career.

Types of finance internships available in the UK

Types of finance internships available in the UK

Finance internships usually span lots of different industries and organisations, so can actually be quite varied. However, these are some of the typical finance internships you can find in the UK.

1. Retail Banking

Ideal for those with a general interest in finance, retail banking internships offer exposure to various organisational arms, from wealth management to customer service. These internships are a good starting point for understanding the broader financial sector [3].

2. Investment Banking

Known for their prestige and competitiveness, investment banking internships involve working in areas like mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and financial advisory. They are highly sought after and require creativity and hard work [3].

3. Actuarial and Insurance

Focused on risk assessment, credit determination, and asset protection, these internships are ideal for those interested in analytical roles within the finance sector [3].

4. Accounting

Accounting internships are available across a wide range of corporations, not limited to banks. They are suitable for undergraduates and offer hands-on experience in the everyday financial operations of various organisations [3].

The best finance internships in the UK for 2024

1. Amazon finance internships

Amazon finance internships
Source: Amazon

This role at Amazon offers a unique perspective on business decision-making. It involves delving into performance metrics, data analysis, and financial modelling to enhance efficiency and productivity. Working in this role at Amazon means frequently contributing to global changes and shaping future innovations in finance.

The responsibilities encompass preparing for month-end closing activities, advancing management reporting, and identifying more efficient and productive methods through financial analysis. The role also involves contributing to cost-effectiveness, addressing broad business issues, and building strong partnerships to influence business decisions for improvements and cost reductions.

The internship offers a six-month paid experience with a hybrid, flexible working approach. It includes mentorship focused on career aspirations, access to a wide range of virtual trainings, and the opportunity to join various Amazon Affinity Groups supporting different causes. It might even lead to a full-time role after university studies.

Amazon’s Finance team is not just about understanding numbers; it’s about bringing enthusiasm, diverse perspectives, and a comprehensive grasp of data to serve as trusted advisors. The team’s work spans across various industries and functions, all aligned with Amazon’s mission to be the most customer-centric company on Earth. The opportunity is open for candidates in London, GBR.

2. Scotiabank

Scotiabank internships
Source: Scotiabank

Scotiabank’s Global Banking & Markets division offers a comprehensive range of services, including investment banking, credit, risk management, corporate banking, and more. It caters to the strategic development needs of clients with products like debt and equity financing, mergers & acquisitions, and various trading options. The division also promotes Scotiabank Group’s wholesale products and services.

The Finance Summer Internship in London is a 10-week program during Summer 2024, designed for penultimate year undergraduate students in relevant fields like Finance, Accounting, or Economics. This rotational program provides exposure to different facets of a modern Finance division in an Investment Bank, enhancing understanding of the Finance function and the role of a trusted business advisor.

You will engage in various tasks, including preparing regulatory, tax, and financial reports, monitoring daily limits, analysing capital and liquidity management, managing expenses, and understanding the regulatory environment. They will also be involved in process improvement, financial business analysis, and completing a project assignment.

To apply for their summer finance internships, you should have a basic understanding of financial statements and accounting, an analytical mindset, and excellent interpersonal skills. The role is suited for those passionate about critical thinking and collaborative work in a diverse and inclusive team.

Applications for the internship are accepted through the Scotiabank career portal. The process includes submitting a CV and undergoing two interviews with members of the Finance Team. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and only selected candidates will be contacted for interviews.

3. Aegon

Aegon internships
Source: Aegon

The Finance Internship for Summer 2024 at Aegon UK offers a 12-week placement in either Edinburgh or Witham. The application deadline is set for Friday, 2nd February. Embracing a flexible work culture, Aegon UK supports a hybrid approach, typically involving two days of office work and three days of remote work per week.

Aegon UK is committed to helping people achieve financial security, leading in innovative solutions for smarter and more effective financial asset management. The company’s retirement products simplify future planning, and its online technology opens up a world of investment opportunities. Aegon UK focuses on significant life aspects like Pensions, Savings, and Investments, aiding people in living their best lives.

Interns in the Investment Administration function will engage in various activities, including safeguarding customer assets, processing monetary transactions, managing income events, and understanding the significance of reconciliation controls. The internship also offers insights into the broader Finance function and the impact of change activities on the UK business.

Aegon UK is looking to hire three interns for this role. The internship is an opportunity to gain foundational knowledge and hands-on experience in the Finance department. Ideal candidates are undergraduates pursuing relevant degrees (such as Accounting, Business, or Finance) and aiming for a minimum of a 2:1 Honours degree. Applicants should be interested in a Finance career, available full-time from June to August 2024, and able to work in the Edinburgh or Witham office for at least two days a week.

The role requires high motivation, initiative, proficiency in MS Excel and Word, the ability to analyze complex data, strong teamwork skills, attention to detail, and excellent communication abilities. Interns will work 7 hours per day, Monday to Friday, at an hourly rate of £12.

4. Corporate Banking Seasonal Internship, Sept 2024, Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank finance early careers and internships
Source: Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is a leading German bank with strong European roots and a global network. The internship offers a glimpse into the Graduate Programme, fostering skill development, project involvement, and insights into the bank’s commitment to diversity and innovation. Targeted at penultimate year students, the internship spans 3-6 months, with potential progression to the 2025 Graduate Programme in Origination & Advisory.

Interns at Deutsche Bank gain a comprehensive view of the business, contributing to customer-focused innovations and experiencing various business areas. The internship is a great way to assess a career in Corporate Finance, with opportunities in Industry and Product Groups.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with no set deadline, but early application is advised. Deutsche Bank seeks intelligent, adaptable students from various disciplines, valuing interpersonal skills and a passion for finance over specific financial or mathematical backgrounds, thanks to its comprehensive training programmes. The bank’s commitment to well-being is central, offering benefits and programmes to support a healthy, engaged workforce.

5. 2024 Intern Financial Analyst – London, Expedia

Expedia intern
Source: Expedia Group

The company invites aspiring finance professionals to join its 2024 Global Summer Internship Program as Finance Analyst Interns, promising a transformative experience in the travel technology sector. This program is part of the broader Finance Leadership Program (FLP), designed to nurture the next generation of finance leaders through diverse finance exposure, skill-building opportunities, and leadership development.

Interns at Expedia Group will engage in meaningful projects, contributing to the company’s vision in travel innovation. The internship includes comprehensive onboarding, role-specific training, social events, leadership Q&A sessions, professional workshops, and mentorship. Interns will work on significant projects in various finance domains like FP&A, Commercial Finance, and more, gaining insights into reporting, analysis, forecasting, and business modelling.

You’ll need to be available for the full program starting June 24th, 2024, graduating with a relevant degree between April and July 2025, and have less than two years of professional experience. They also look for a willingness to learn, curiosity, and ambition are essential, along with strong analytical skills and effective communication abilities.

The application process involves an online assessment, skills-based screening for certain roles, and final round interviews focusing on technical and behavioural skills. Expedia Group is committed to inclusion and diversity, aiming for significant representation of women and underrepresented groups in its workforce. Expedia Group offers a competitive package including a hybrid working policy, travel discounts, and potential full-time offers post-graduation through the FLP rotational program. Relocation support is also available for eligible candidates.

6. Summer Internship Programme Manchester 2024, The Co-operative Bank

The Co-operative Bank finance internships
Source: The Co-operative Bank

The Summer Internship programme at the The Co-operative Bank offers an 8-week intensive experience in either Finance or Product departments, where interns will tackle real business challenges and gain valuable insights into their operations. Running from 1st July to 23rd August 2024, the programme pays a pro-rata salary of £22,000 and is based in Manchester City Centre with options for homeworking.

You’ll be immersed in various projects, enhancing their commercial skills, strategic thinking, and understanding of banking operations. As a finance intern, you will engage in tasks like economic trend analysis and month-end reporting, while product interns will assist in product design, development, and pricing strategies.

The Co-operative Bank provide robust support, including performance reviews, feedback, and a buddy system with our Graduate community. To apply for this finance internship, you’ll need to show you’re creative and ambitious, as well as be an undergrad with a minimum 2:1 degree projection in any discipline and at least Level 4/Grade C in GCSE Maths and English. The selection process involves an online application, video interview, reasoning tests, and an in-person assessment at our Manchester HQ.

There’s plenty more summer internships to take a look out if you’re after something short-term.

7. LEGO® Retail

LEGO® Retail finance internships
Source: LEGO® Retail

The LEGO® Retail Finance team is looking to recruit two interns for full-time, one-year finance internships starting in July 2024. This unique opportunity allows interns to make a significant impact on a globally recognised toy brand by leveraging data analytics and business knowledge. Interns will be involved in various tasks, including digitalising finance operations, building financial reports, analysing business performance, and assisting in commercial planning and forecasting. The role is ideal for candidates working towards a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, with strong numerical skills and proficiency in English. A background in Accounting, Economics, Finance, or Data Science is preferable, along with familiarity with MS Excel, visualisation tools, and SQL.

The internship offers a chance to gain exposure to a high-performing global finance team, understand P&L drivers, and use data for better business decision-making. Applicants are required to submit a CV and a cover letter detailing their interest in LEGO, finance, and why they are suitable for the internship. LEGO provides a supportive work environment with benefits like Family Care Leave, life and disability insurance, wellness initiatives, colleague discounts, and potential bonuses. The company values diversity and inclusion, ensuring equal employment opportunities. Additionally, LEGO is committed to children’s rights and wellbeing, requiring background screening for roles involving high engagement with children. This internship is an opportunity to join a creative and dynamic team, building a dream career at LEGO.

Skills needed for finance internships

Skills needed for finance internships

To thrive in a finance internship in the UK, a combination of technical skills, soft skills, and a capacity for adaptability and continuous learning is essential:

Technical skills

  • Understanding financial concepts: A robust grasp of financial principles is crucial. This encompasses a knowledge of the workings of financial markets, the fundamentals of accounting, and economic theories. It’s not just about knowing the concepts, but understanding how they apply in real-world scenarios.
  • Excel proficiency: In the realm of finance, Excel is more than just a tool; it’s an essential skill. Proficiency in Excel for financial modelling, data analysis, and creating complex spreadsheets is expected. This includes understanding formulas, pivot tables, and data visualisation techniques.
  • Analytical skills: The ability to dissect financial data, interpret complex financial reports, and make informed decisions based on this analysis is key. This skill set is vital for identifying trends, forecasting financial outcomes, and providing insights that can influence business decisions.

Soft skills

  • Communication skills: Clear and effective communication is paramount. This involves articulating financial concepts in an understandable manner to colleagues and clients, who may not have a financial background. It’s about simplifying complex ideas and presenting them in a coherent and concise way.
  • Teamwork: The finance sector often involves collaborative projects. Being able to work harmoniously within a team, contributing ideas, and valuing others’ input is essential. It’s about building relationships and working towards a common goal.
  • Problem-solving abilities: The world of finance is replete with challenges and complex problems. The ability to approach these problems logically, think critically, and devise effective solutions is a highly sought-after skill in finance interns.

Adaptability and learning

The financial sector is characterised by its fast pace and constant evolution. Interns must be adaptable, able to quickly absorb new information, and apply it in a practical context. This includes staying abreast of the latest financial trends, regulatory changes, and technological advancements. Being a quick learner and showing a willingness to embrace new challenges are traits that can set an intern apart.

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