When you finally reach the milestone of starting university it can become overwhelming. Students are responsible for their finances, accommodation and studies, and sometimes they will need a little bit of extra help. Whether its financial advice careers advice or wellbeing support, and to make things even easier, here are all the possible people you may need to contact at student services for help at any point during your time at Glasgow Caledonian University.

For Help


Email: accommodation@gcu.ac.uk
Phone: 0141 331 3980


Email: callynursery@aol.com
Phone: 01413327654

Disability & Dyslexia

Email: disability@gcu.ac.uk.
Phone: 0141 273 1371

Faith & Spirituality

Email: faith@gcu.ac.uk.

Fees & Finance

Email:  arstudent@gcu.ac.uk
Phone: 0141 331 8195


Phone: 01412015545

International Students

Email: studentenquiries@gcu.ac.uk
Phone: 0141 331 8630

Student complaints & Academic appeals

Email: complaints@gcu.ac.uk
Phone:  0141 331 8226

Email: academicappeals@gcu.ac.uk
Phone: 0141 331 3336


Email: hello@GCUstudents.co.uk
Phone: 0141 331 3886


Email: studentwellbeing@gcu.ac.uk


Once you have chosen to study at Glasgow Caledonian University you will need to decide where you are going to live. Most students decide between university-managed accommodation and private accommodation, but some are lucky enough to already live near the university and can commute.

Glasgow Caledonian University has ‘Caledonian Court’ which is the on-campus hall of residence, known as the student’s village in the city. Living in the university-managed halls is a great way to make friends with students from all over the world, and has enough rooms for 660 students. All of the flats house 6-8 students, and are fully-furnished, with heating and electricity. The rooms also range in rent, from £99 to £113 per week.

To get in touch with the accommodation team for more information, whether it’s during the application stage or once you have already moved in, you can email them at accommodation@gcu.ac.uk or call them on 0141 331 3980.


It’s really important for students and staff to be able to get on with their work and studies without being worried about childcare, which is why Glasgow Caledonian University has its own nursery on campus. There are 25 places available at the nursery, who can care for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years old.

To get in touch with the nursery you can email them at callynursery@aol.com or call them on 01413327654.

Disability and Dyslexia

If you have a disability of any kind, whether a physical or specific learning disability, you should declare it to the university. This is so the disability team can give students the help they need, whether its advice on technology, finances, or they need a diagnostics assessment.

At Glasgow Caledonian University disability team can also help students apply for a disabled students allowance, which is a sum of money given to a student to help them pay for any additional costs they may have to pay because of their disability.

The disability team can also provide screening and referral services for students who are suspected of having an undiagnosed learning disability. They can also provide students that have dyslexia with assistive software packages and equipment to help them with their studies. The team also runs a range of workshops for new students with dyslexia so they can learn new techniques and build on their confidence.

To get in touch with the disability team you can call them on  0141 273 1371 or email them at disability@gcu.ac.uk.

Faith & Spirituality

Glasgow Caledonian University has a team of dedicated chaplains available to support all the universities staff and students spiritual wellbeing regardless of their faith. The university also has a faith and belief centre on campus, where they host regular events. The multi-faith centre also has space for prayers, quiet reflection, as well as a chaplains office and kitchen.

To get in touch with the chaplaincy team you can email them at faith@gcu.ac.uk.

Fees and Finance

The student finance team are available to give students advice and information on finances and funding, and also have drop-in and appointment-based services to make sure they can give students the help they need. You can drop in on a Tuesday at 10 am to 12 pm or on a Thursday at 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

To get in touch with the fees and finance team you can email them at arstudent@gcu.ac.uk or call them on 0141 331 8195.


Once you start at Glasgow Caledonian University it is important for students to register with a doctor in Glasgow. If your postcode starts with G1 to G4, G11, G12, G20 or G21 you can register with Drs Rasul & Thompson online.

The doctors can offer students advice and help with contraceptives, gender identity, repeat medications, sexual health, vaccinations and pregnancies.

To get in touch with the doctors you can call them on 01412015545.

International Students

Students from over 100 countries have decided to go to Glasgow Caledonian University. Glasgow is a great city not just to study in, but also to live in as it has lower living costs, plenty of bars and is full of culture with over 20 galleries and museums in the city.

The university work really hard to make sure all international students feel apart of the community and settle into their new lives in Glasgow, which they do through an extensive amount of events and social activities during welcome week, so students can make new friends.

To get in touch with the team you can email them at studentenquiries@gcu.ac.uk or call them on 0141 331 8630.

Student complaints and academic appeals

Glasgow Caledonian University value all feedback from their students, both positive and negative. If you are thinking about making a complaint you should first try and sort out the problem with the involved parties, but if that doesn’t work you should contact a member of staff in the Department Governance and Quality team and let them know.

To contact the student complaints team you can email them at complaints@gcu.ac.uk or call them on 0141 331 8226.

An academic appeal if a formal appeal made by a student against a grade/mark they received. Students at Glasgow Caledonian University have 10 working days to submit an appeal against the Assessment Boards decision. Once a decision has been made on your appeal, the department of academic quality will notify you in writing.

To get in touch with the academic appeals team you can email them at academicappeals@gcu.ac.uk   or call them on 0141 331 3336.


At Glasgow Caledonian University the students association have a huge variety of volunteering opportunities available for their students. Volunteering is really important because it can help a student boost their cv, learn new skills, make new friends, all whilst helping a good cause. There are also plenty of ways for students to volunteer within the university community, such as through being a wellbeing volunteer and organising wellbeing campaigns, or as a Nightline volunteer and provide support through a telephone listening service to students who need to talk.

To get in touch with the students association you can email them at hello@GCUstudents.co.uk or call them on 0141 331 3886.


The student wellbeing service at Glasgow Caledonian University is made up of dozens of advisers and counsellors. They work with students to help them with any concerns they may have. Usually, students are so focussed on studying that they can forget to eat healthily, do regular exercise, and take time for themselves. The wellbeing service also has counselling available so students can discuss their problems in confidential sessions.

To get in touch with the wellbeing team you can email them at studentwellbeing@gcu.ac.uk or call the head of the student wellbeing at 0141 331 8082.

Last Updated on August 2, 2022