Let’s face it, becoming a graduate can be scary enough as it is without the stresses of finding an internship. We might not be able to snag you that dream job, but we can give you plenty of places to get your search started. Check out where you can find graduate internships in the UK below.


Specifically designed with graduates in mind, Milkround should be your first stop when looking for a graduate internship. Not only do they share graduate jobs, but they also have some really useful advice for recent graduates to help kickstart your career. From spilling the top graduate companies to work for to offering career advice, Milkround is a graduate’s goldmine.


An obvious choice, but a good one nonetheless! If you’re struggling with where to find graduate internships, LinkedIn is your best bet. Here you can network, apply for jobs, and have a cyber stalk of your fellow recent graduates all in the same place. The only issue with LinkedIn? It is it’s probably one of the most used networking sites out there, so be prepared for a little competition when you’re hunting for that dream internship. May the best person for the job win (we know it’ll be you). Check out our LinkedIn tips here.

Linkedin, where to find graduate internships in the UK
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Student Job

If you are looking for a site that gets the struggles of endless scrolling on job websites, you need to have a look at Student Job. The website was actually launched by three Dutch students when they were struggling to find anywhere online that would hire students with limited experience. So, what did they do? Create their own job board of course! On their site, you can not only find graduate internships, but placements, summer jobs, work from home jobs, and more. Not a bad little invention for just a couple of students ay?

Good ol’ fashioned networking

Sorry introverts, you might have to actually leave your house for this one. Whilst there are no guarantees, networking with people either in person or online can be a great way to find a graduate internship. Some companies hire exclusively by word of mouth rather than advertising online. So, if you have a good reputation and are able to connect with the right people, you might just snag yourself a job.

networking, where to find graduate internships in the UK
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Get ready to step up your internship game with this one. Next up on our list of where to find graduate internships in the UK is none other than Step. Calling themselves ‘The Internships people for the UK’, they are a company promising big things. Thankfully, they definitely deliver, offering helpful resources as well as a tonne of internship opportunities on their website. What’s not to like?!


If you fancy boosting your chances of employment, make sure you check out Prospects. This site not only offers amazing internships for graduate students, but they also have some really useful resources to help perk up your CV. From podcasts to webinars to advice columns, every graduate could benefit from having a look at Prospects. As well, if you’re someone who is considering doing an internship abroad (lucky you!) they have some great opportunities and advice telling you all you need to know.

Prospects, where to find graduate internships in the UK
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Rate My Placement

Does the thought of not knowing what your new company is like to work for fill you with dread? Then fear not! Rate My Placement is exactly what you need. (Spoiler alert): they rate the best companies for students to work at so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself in for. Another feature that makes this site stand out from the crowds is its ‘Get Their First’ feature. This allows you to register your interest in a job before it goes live online. Essentially, you get first dibs. When just some of the companies that promote on the site are biggies like Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs and Capital One, you’ll definitely want to make sure you get there first.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of where to find a graduate internship in the UK! If you’re hoping to land an internship in the capital then make sure to check out our article ‘A guide to the best internships in London’. Happy job hunting!

Last Updated on September 6, 2022