Scholarships are always popular amongst students. These help give financial support to those who need it (and work hard for it) during their studies. Continue reading to find out how you can increase your chances of getting a scholarship!

What is a scholarship?

How to Get a Scholarship in the UK, Explained!
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Scholarships aim to fund students with the aim to cover expenses for further education. This includes tuition fees and additional money to help with course costs.

The university or specific charities and foundations often fund these scholarships. They often take into consideration academic performance when choosing the right applicant for the scholarship.

You should not confuse scholarships with bursaries! Read more about Bursaries here!

Different Types of Scholarships

How to Get a Scholarship in the UK, Explained!
Source: Canva

Academic Scholarships:

To be awarded an Academic scholarship, students must achieve high grades in their school qualifications. More importantly, they must continue this in university. Oftentimes, students must maintain a certain grade to continue to be given their scholarship funds.

Athletic Scholarships:

Athletic scholarships are awarded to students who are gifted at sports! This is often a formal agreement between the athlete and their uni. If the student continues to play sport for the university, they will keep their scholarship.

Scholarships for Minorities:

Charities or foundations offer these scholarships to students that are of underrepresented ethnic groups across UK unis. The university will offer support and mentoring as well as financial help to these students.

Scholarships for Women:

Some scholarships are only available to female applicants. These scholarships support women who cannot qualify for student funding. They also help some women who need help paying their uni course tuition fees.

Creative Scholarships:

Students with the most creative talent are awarded these scholarships. The applicants’ grades tend not to be considered when deciding who is awarded this scholarship. These are available for students specialising in visual arts.

Tips for getting these scholarships

How to Get a Scholarship in the UK, Explained!
Source: Canva

Academic Scholarships:

To be awarded this scholarship, students must stick in at school. They must also continue to work hard in university.

Only apply if you are willing to continue studying hard and work well under pressure. You also must keep yourself motivated throughout the year. You can make this clear in your application, but it is all about your grades!

If you do not have the grades required for this scholarship, you may want to think about applying to one of the others mentioned below!

Athletic Scholarships

Those applying for these scholarships must be talented sports players. You must be a motivated and dedicated athlete to win this award!

Again, you should make this clear in every aspect of your application. However, you also need to let it show through your performance.

BUCS must recognise the sport you play, and you must compete at recognised level within the last year. Read more about BUCS sports scholarships here!

Scholarships for Minorities and Women:

All those applying for these types of scholarships firstly must be eligible to work in the UK. They must also have an income of below £50,000 and achieve 104 UCAS points or more. These are the requirements for scholarships provided by the Bank of England. Click here to read more about how these requirements can vary!

Some scholarships are just open to women. These encourage more women to go into certain fields of work. For instance, these fields include courses such as STEM.

Creative Scholarships:

To achieve a creative scholarship, you must be studying a subject in the arts. These courses could include music, theatre, or fine art.

Apply for these scholarships by summiting an application to UCAS. You can submit portfolios or other work you have completed to this application. Some scholarship applications an audition or an interview for you to talk through your work. Remain calm during these and display your true authentic self to get the support you need and deserve.

The most important thing to remember about scholarship applications is to hand your applications in on time! You should prepare and take a note of all deadlines.

Click here to find out more about scholarships for international students!

Last Updated on December 8, 2022