Living on a shoestring budget as a student is something you are accustomed to. You always strive to make savings at every possible point and avoid spending on things that you really do not need.

Especially during Covid-19 when most countries have shut their borders, this will be a prime time for international calls from students in the UK who didn’t manage to make it home in time before the borders closed.

You need to communicate with your loved ones who are abroad and you might be wondering how you will pay for it due to the costly phone bills that will come to your inbox at the end of the month.

We have got your back. Below, we have listed tips on how you can make free international calls from your phone. They are absolutely free. You may be using some on your phone but have not yet discovered that they have the ability to call for free. Allow us to enlighten you today You have no excuse not to call your loved ones.

The tips below do not constrain you to only making calls abroad, you can still use them locally in the UK to save on costs because are absolutely free. The only connection you need to communicate is for the person you are calling to be online at the same time as you are.

Below are the best free international call apps at your disposal;

1. Skype

It is the most known video calling app

Perhaps the most well-known video calling platform of them all, Skype is free to download on any computer and phone. It has the feature way before other apps came into existence. Traditionally, it has been used for more formal interactions mostly job interviews and formal meetings.

Downloading it on your phone and creating an account is free. It has the ability to give subtitles to a call in case of a live interview and you can video conference with up to 49 people all live. It will work when you want to talk to your whole family at the same time and they can be in different locations. That will not be a problem for Skype.

2. FaceTime

All apple devices from iPhone, iPad, iMac have this application in build to allow you to call someone else with an apple device for free.

However, both you and the person you are calling must be using an Apple device. The quality is very decent and you can enjoy yourself having a chat with your loved ones.

3. What’s Up

This is the most common as it is available on any internet-connected phone. It is available on all phones whether android or apple. You can call from an apple to an android phone or the other way round without any hitch.

You can use it even with your friends around the school in group chats and group discussions. It’s pretty to use and everyone has it installed on their phones.

4. Telegram

It is the fastest and most secure platform for instant messaging and you can use its voice call option to call using it for free.

It is the application to use when you want to make secure calls. You can check whether the application’s security encryption is working before you start your call.

5. Viber

This is the app with the purple ring colour and is free to message if on WiFi.

6. Google Duo

Google allows you to call someone who has a Gmail account just like you do. It is not so popular but it works just as good as any of the other ways to call internationally for free.

It has very little interruptions when you are calling internationally for free which is something you may experience in other ways.

7. Facebook Messenger

You may have ignored the messenger for long because Facebook is known more for messaging than calling.

Next to the chat message, there is a phone sign which you use to call the person you are chatting with. The person you are calling on the other side must be online for you to make the free international call.

8. Line

Line is an app that is very popular in Asia. In the UK you may not have come across it but it is a great tool to use to make free international calls.

Its advantage is that it allows a certain number of calls to be made from the app to a landline number after you watch some advertisements.