Are you looking to work in the charity sector for your future career? As a highly competitive environment to break into and earn a living wage, it can seem daunting and inaccessible. However, we’ve created a list of some of the best charity graduate schemes in the UK. 


Charity Works graduate schemes
Source: CharityWorks Website

Charityworks offers a twelve-month programme. They partner with charities such as Age UK. The scheme pays the national living wage to graduates successful in their application. This will be for full-time work. Hours are usually 9-5, Monday to Friday, however, this can differ according to the charity you work for. The training is designed to hone your skills and give you the materials you need to continue a career with NGOs. The scheme also offers mentors for full guidance and placements at different charities or housing associations. 


Worthwhile graduate schemes
Source: WorthWhile Website

This organisation tends to work with smaller charities which allows for a greater breadth of experience through more opportunities to work in different roles. Their programmes focuses on teaching key sector knowledge and soft skills, such as communication, sustainability and leadership. They offer seventeen days of workshop-style training over the course of twelve months. Successful applicants are also paid a minimum of the national living wage, although this can rise depending on the charity you are placed with. 

Charity Specific Programmes

teach first, charity graduate schemes to apply for in the UK
Source: Canva

Some charities offer schemes and programmes to help you become qualified to achieve their aims.

Teach First

Teach First is a charity whose aim is to ensure no child’s educational achievement is restricted by income. They offer a two-year scheme in which the intense training gains you a PGCE qualification and the option to undertake an MA. It is fully funded and successful applicants are equipped with the skills to ensure their future students are not left behind because of income-related reasons. 

Think Ahead

Think Ahead is a mental health charity that offers a paid two-year programme. It combines on the job learning, a master’s degree and leadership training to help create capable social workers. They especially aim to improve mental health services. They also aim to spread social approaches to mental health across society. The scheme results in two qualifications: a master’s degree and social worker training. 


IntoUniversity offers a two-year graduate scheme. Successful applicants will be based at one of the local learning centres, and deliver education programmes to young people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. They offer comprehensive training and plenty of experience. You can also apply for other jobs or promotions that occur during the scheme, widening your opportunities.

Are there any schemes you think we’ve missed out on? Comment below. And if you’re looking for more tips on finding graduate schemes or internships, check out this article!