Work experience is important for any job, it gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and see what type of job is best for you. However getting work experience can be tricky, especially when it’s in media. So here are a few tips to get some work experience in media.

Local industries

Maybe you want to be a journalist or a radio presenter? Nearly every town has its own local newspaper and local radio station to keep the community informed on local issues. Helping out your local community is a great way to gain some work experience, and by volunteering your time they will certainly remember it if you ever want to do an official placement.

Start a blog or podcast

If you create your own blog, such as through Wix or WordPress you can get practice writing and publishing on your own platform. This can be impressive for potential employers or work placements, as any experience is definitely better than no experience. Creating your own blog or podcast also shows initiative and dedication, and you can use your own blog or podcast to experiment and learn new skills. It’s better to make mistakes early and for yourself, so when you are working for someone else you have already learned from your mistakes.

Have a Portfolio

As well as your CV it’s important to have a portfolio to show your work. Most people choose just to show their best work, but it’s also a good idea to show a range of pieces over time so that your development is clear. This also makes portfolios more interesting as they make it more of a journey. You can create a physical portfolio, or even a digital one.

Use Social Media

The internet and social media networks are a great way to build connections with potential employers. This means it is important to have a professional online presence, one way to do this is Linked In.  You can also use social media to show your support for newspapers, radio stations, etc. by following them on social media and liking/commenting on their posts, as it will make your name more familiar to them.

Be Forward

Although social media is great, some things are better done in person. If you want to get work experience at a local media establishment why not go down there in person or ring them, as phone calls and a person at the door are a lot harder to ignore or forget about than an email is, especially when they may be receiving hundreds a week.

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Last Updated on September 6, 2022