Apprenticeships are a great way of gaining work experience in the field, but they’re quite competitive. So it’s a good idea to really get to know the different ones that are available. Our guide provides all the information about the different apprenticeship roles at KPMG. From what is a KPM apprenticeship to the different types, and how to apply, find out all you need to know.

Who are KPMG?

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KPMG are a global firm network linking companies from across the world. Running for 150 years, they are a reliable and trusted company within the UK and overseas. KPMG focuses on audit, tax, and advisory services within the divisions of Consulting, Deal Advisory, Tax & Law, and Technology & Engineering.

As they work with a vast range of companies, from start-ups to multi-national corporations, they help to improve businesses as well as bridging communications between UK and overseas companies. Sticking to their ethos to ‘support the UK in a connected world’, they run by five main company values:

  1. Courage
  2. Integrity
  3. Excellence
  4. Together
  5. For better

What is the KPMG apprenticeship?

For those interested in this company, the apprenticeship programmes are a supported and encouraged path to venture down. With over 80% of KPMG’s workforce being Gen-Z and millennials, apprenticeships provide a gateway into exciting career prospects. KPMG offer apprenticeships within their four sectors, as well as a KPMG Business Services apprenticeship.

Audit Apprenticeships

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If you are wanting to gain a professional qualification such as a degree, whilst obtaining valuable work experience, consider this apprenticeship. Within a supportive network of colleagues, you will learn to navigate and improve audit businesses in the central business world.

As an Audit apprentice, you will focus on delivering quality audits through the use of investigative approaches and new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. This will allow for a breadth of experience, valuable technical skills, and industry knowledge. The work is challenging, but rewarding, and the Audit team values collaboration and diverse perspectives. KPMG embraces flexible work arrangements in the apprenticeship, empowering and equipping people with the latest technologies to excel in their work.

Technology Apprenticeships

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Additionally, if your goal is to be a technologist, KPMG offer multiple technology apprenticeships. Assisting a team of 1,500 technologists, you will operate in bridging the gap between technology networks and organisations, making them the most efficient and effective systems for their businesses. Through this, you will also gain hands-on experience across multiple  computer softwares including Cyber and Cloud.  You could also learn skills like Python or C#.

The Technology Apprenticeship programme is designed to support you on your journey towards a successful career in technology. They will explore how technical systems interact with the workplace and how to leverage them effectively for maximum business impact.

Consulting Apprenticeships

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Consulting is an adaptable profession that KPMG provides fantastic apprentice opportunities for. Whilst working for industry recognised qualifications, you can support and advise companies on an array of important issues. These include sustainability, digital transformation, risk factors and embedding government initiatives. KPMG offers two Consulting Apprenticeships, providing the chance to gain valuable work experience while studying for industry-recognised qualifications.

Tax & Law Apprenticeships

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KPMG run two apprenticeship schemes for the Tax & Law sector of the company. The tax apprentices assist in supporting companies within their financial and commercial affairs, within the parameters of regulations and tax laws. you’ll work alongside clients to help them understand the details of tax across the globe – from energy sector companies to online food businesses, banks, and high-net worth individuals. Our tax services include company-focused areas such as International Tax, Deal Advisory Tax, Transfer Pricing and Indirect Tax as well as people-focused services, including Private Client Advice, Employment Taxes and Global Mobility Services.

Whereas the law apprentices gain experience in advising companies on legal affairs and solutions for more beneficial business outcomes , using KPMG data and technology. You will be joining a legal network of over 3,000 legal professionals, which operates in 81 countries, which will no doubt open to door for more opportunities after the KPMG apprenticeship.

Business Services Apprenticeships

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These are a two-year apprenticeship programme specifying in the overall running of the company and network. Within collaborating specialist teams, apprentices help to solve customer inquiries, manage records, generate reports and work on daily tasks that keep the company running. This particular apprenticeship offers specialisation after the first year, making it a great opportunity for those wanting to further their focus in career pathways.

Find out more about what it’s like to be an apprentice at KPMG

Meet Cajsa from KPMG in the UK on Vimeo.

How do I apply?

If one or more of these apprenticeships appeals to you, you can apply via the KPMG website. The application process is extremely thorough, with several stages. There are four main steps to the application process:

  1. Main application:- This is where you provide details of your academic background and any previous work experience you have completed.
  2. Transforming small businesses:- A 90 minute test where you respond to different hypothetical situations.
  3. Delivering outcomes:- This is a written and video assessment, based upon the sector you applied for.
  4. Virtual launch pad:- An opportunity to learn more about the company and its current team, as well as a time for you to take part in virtual assessment activities.

With offices spread across the UK, KPMG offers fantastic opportunities for those wanting to gain hands-on experience within an established company across multiple industries. For anyone debating doing an apprenticeship, they are a great option to consider.

Furthermore, if you are uncertain whether an apprenticeship or degree are for you, check out our other articles to help you decide!