Revealed – These are the unis with the students having the most sex – Part 2


81. University of Aberdeen 3.82

Aberdeen absolutely smashed it in our list of the top 25 hardest partying unis, but they’re really letting themselves down in their ranking here.

80. University of Hertfordshire 3.93

Hertfordshire students would, sadly, definitely be exposed to thermal radiation if Hatfield so happened to be targeted by Kim Jong Un, but it seems like that’s pretty much the only exposure most of them will be seeing…

79. University of Southampton 3.99

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Good ol’ Southampton put in a very decent showing in the recent 2018 UK university rankings, but it seems like their academic success hasn’t translated too well to any… extracurricular activity.

78. University of Sunderland 4.00

Sunderland students might be used to having a lot of their possessions taken, yet it appears that virginity is not, more often than not, taken anywhere near as frequently.

77. Lancaster University 4.00

Lancaster University students might be able to get their dopamine hit from the magic mushrooms populating their campus, but they certainly aren’t getting many of their pleasure chemicals from all that much craziness in bed.

76. University of Salford 4.05

Everyone seems to think students who go to Salford are pretty out there, let’s just say. But it doesn’t seem like their uniqueness translates to anything above an average sex drive, for what it’s worth.

75. University of Derby 4.06

Derby students can expect some smashed property if Kim Jong Un ever decides to blast their city with a nuke, but it doesn’t sound like they’re having too much of a blast in the bedroom..

74. University of Exeter 4.07

Exeter snuck into the top 25 for the recently released 2018 UK university rankings, but they’re nowhere near those dizzying heights in this sex ranking. Sorry, guys.

73. University of Northampton 4.11

Would you believe it, Northampton came weirdly close in our list of the unis with the best nightlife to its ranking here. We guess they kind of go hand in hand.

72. Coventry University 4.11

Coventry surprised everyone with their ranking in the top 25 hardest partying unis but they’re firmly towards the bottom of the table this time around. At least they had one moment of glory.

71. Brunel University 4.20

Some people seem to get this university confused with the amazing engineer it gets its name from, but Brunel students don’t seem like they’re the most successful at engineering romantic situations. Don’t worry guys, practice makes perfect!

70. University for the Creative Arts 4.21

UCA isn’t too far from London, and as we know, the capital is absolutely packed with awesome events such as high-tech mini-golf bars and a prosecco festival. We think the students of UCA need to get themselves along and let their hair down…

69. University of Wolverhampton 4.27

Wolves students can rejoice about the fact their uni received a bronze rating in the new TEF rankings, but they’re not doing too well here. At least they got the funniest ranking on a sex-related list, eh?

68. Robert Gordon University 4.27

Robert Gordon students had a decent showing for their uni in our ranking of the top 100 unis for nightlife, but they’ve dropped a few places this time around. Too much partying and too little hanky panky?

67. University of Leeds 4.28

Leeds smashed it in the recently-released 2018 rankings for UK unis, but they couldn’t replicate their success in this list. For such a renowned party uni, this is a surprisingly low placing for the guys and gals from Yorkshire!

66. University of Stirling 4.30

Stirling students shocked us with their placement on our ranking of the most fashionable students. Their sharp-dressing doesn’t seem to be impressing their fellow students, though, as they’re still really low down on this list. I guess dressing to impress doesn’t always

65. University of Reading 4.33

Reading came in in the top 30 in our ranking of the top drug-taking unis, but

64. University of York 4.35

After their very respectable showing in the UK unis ranking for 2018, it’s not too surprising that they don’t rank all too highly here. Probably too busy swotting up in the library.

63. Buckinghamshire New University 4.36

BNU was awarded with a bronze rating in the new TEF university rankings, but they don’t seem to have translated that success to the bedroom.

62. University of East London 4.47

University of East London students would be fine if Kim Jong Un dropped a nuke on the city, but would they really be the best people to be left alive to repopulate the planet?

61. University of Sussex 4.48

The nutters at Sussex ranked pretty damn highly in our ranking of the unis taking the most drugs. Unfortunately for them, their rebelliousness in sex, drugs and rock and roll only seems to have applied to the middle one of those three things.

60. Loughborough University 4.48

The popular perception of Loughborough students being desperate to ‘mate‘ doesn’t seem to have translated into all that much… ‘mating’ actually happening…

59. Newcastle University 4.59

Newcastle students already have a reputation for being some of the hardest partying in the UK, but they don’t seem to have a very good conversion ratio from going out to pulling based on their ranking here.

58. University of Worcester 4.60

This might not be the best ranking for Worcester students, but at least they’ve improved on their woeful placing on our league table of the top 100 unis for nightlife.

57. University of St Andrews 4.67

St Andrews didn’t place too high on our ranking of the top drug-taking unis, and they’re only about halfway through the rankings here. At least they’re amazing academically, eh?

56. Kingston University 4.69

Kingston students might not experience particularly great nightlife, but at least their conversion rate from a night outranks slightly more highly than their nights out themselves do.

55. University of Sheffield 4.69

Sheffield got pretty near the top ten in the recently-released UK university rankings for 2018, but they’re firmly in the middle of the pack when it comes to sexual successes. Sorry Sheff.

54. University of Cambridge 4.70

Cambridge students might have helped their university to being the best in the UK, but when it comes to life between the sheets they’re nowhere near the best in the nation.

53. University of the West of England 4.77

UWE students can definitely be extremely pleased with their ranking in the top 40 drug-taking universities table, but they don’t seem to be able to translate their enthusiasm for narcotics into any kind of romance. Or even just romance-less sex.