Revealed – These are the unis with the students having the most sex – Part 4


27. Northumbria University 5.79

After being named in the top ten universities for partying, it’s unsurprising that Northumbria is so high in this list. Seems like Northumbria is a fun uni to go to.

26. Imperial College London 5.82

Did you know there’s going to be a prosecco festival coming to London soon? We should see Imperials 5.82 shoot right up around then.

25. University of Plymouth 5.87

It’s situated in one of the kinkiest cities in the UK, so it’s no wonder that the students of Plymouth are happy to partake in a bit of bed swapping.

24. University of Warwick 5.88

It’s one of the world’s best universities, so it’s unsurprising Warwick students need to indulge a bit of bed hopping to release some steam.

23. University of Oxford 5.89

The Oxford lot must have been gutted when they were beaten by Cambridge in the world university rankings recently, but they have got their revenge here.

22. Leeds Beckett University 5.92

Leeds is one of the ultimate student cities in the UK and also (possibly related) one of the kinkiest.

21. University of Glamorgan 5.98

There’s a pretty amazing gin festival coming to Swansea and Cardiff soon — not too far from Glamorgan. Definitely something to get excited about.

20. King’s College London 6.00

They may go to one of the world’s best-ranked universities, but King’s students aren’t afraid of letting off some steam in the bedroom.

19. Birmingham City University

Birmingham is a pretty kinky city (as we saw in our top kinkiest university cities) so BCU can be proud that they are the highest placed uni from the Second City.

18. University of Cumbria 6.18

Despite just scraping onto our top 100 universities for nightlife, the Uni of Cumbria students are making up for it in other ways. You got to do something with your free time, right?

17. Roehampton University 6.30

While there’s no reason that lots of partying would lead to more sex, it is still a bit surprising that Roehampton — which scored poorly in our top 100 hardest partying universities — is so high here. Explanations in an email, please.

16. Sheffield Hallam University 6.38

Sheffield just about made it into our top five kinkiest university cities, but Hallam have just missed out on the top 15 here.

15. University of Strathclyde 6.46

Did you know nearly 90 per cent of Strathclyde students have admitted to trying drugs? With that sort of liberal attitude, it’s unsurprising they score so highly here.

14. Swansea University 6.55

Oh gin… the cause of many an exciting night, followed by a morning of remorse. Well, there’s going to be a bit more coming to Swansea soon when the gin festival hits town in September. Expect the Swansea students to be much higher in this list straight after.

13. Manchester Metropolitan University 6.65

Manchester was named the second most kinky city in the UK, but Manchester Met hasn’t even made it into the top ten here. What’s going on? Maybe they are pretty strait-laced in the sack?

12. Nottingham Trent University 6.69

Nottingham was named as one of the top ten kinkiest university cities in the UK, and it seems the Trent students are a bit nawty themselves.

11. University of Dundee 6.74

Dundee students are apparently some of the most fashionable in the country. We don’t know if that has anything to do with scoring so highly here, but you do wonder…

10. University of Bristol 7.03

Bristol is definitely a liberal city, and that seems to have made its way to the bedrooms of Bristol students.

9. University of Central Lancashire 7.03

By coming in the top 40 drug-taking universities, we found out that UClan has fairly liberal students. This just confirms that.

8. Edinburgh Napier University 7.35

The beautiful capital of Scotland seems to have a very kinky underbelly. It’s a top ten finish for Napier who seem to be taking full advantage.

7. Oxford Brookes University 7.42

When you’re constantly compared to the big brother down the road, it can probably get quite annoying. So perhaps it’s a welcome relief for Brookes students to be above Oxford Uni in a league table. This one’s probably not the best one, but it’s a start.

6. University of Essex 7.61

We’ve all seen The Only Way Is Essex, so we know there is a fair bit of bed swapping going on in the county. However, the Uni of Essex didn’t score highly in our top 100 universities for partying so it’s a surprise to see them so high here.

5. Queen Mary, University of London 7.93

There’s plenty of universities in London, so it’s pretty impressive that Queen Mary students are indulging in the most bedroom activity. The English capital was named the kinkiest city in the UK (possibly because of its sheer size) so it’s no surprise that students in the city are doing a bit of bed hopping.

4. Southampton Solent University 8.63

After Southampton was named as one of the kinkiest cities in the UK, it is not that surprising that Solent has scored so highly.

3. Liverpool Hope University 9.57

Liverpool was named as one of the kinkiest cities in the UK, and the Hope students are definitely not afraid of taking advantage of that.

2. University of Chester 9.94

Chester didn’t score highly at all in our top 100 universities for nightlife, but have come (incredibly) number two here. It sounds like Chester students are more interested in some Netflix and chill than a wild night of dancing.

1. University of Brighton 10.59

Brighton is undoubtedly one of the most liberal cities in the UK, and this attitude seems to have made its way into the bedrooms of the Uni of Brighton students. They were already named in the top 15 kinkiest uni cities and now take our top spot here.

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