Revealed – These are the unis with the students having the most sex

University is a time in which people are considered to indulge in a number of behaviours. Alarmingly regular binge drinking, not getting out of bed before noon, frequent nights in the library and, of course, having quite a lot of sex.

Yep, the best years of your life are also, for some, the most promiscuous. As you’re constantly mingling with potential suitors in your halls, lectures, seminars and nights out, it’s easy to see why so many people follow Mr Gaye’s advice and get it on. Frequently.

With that being said, there are obviously some universities where people are getting a little busier than at others. Thankfully, discount and offer site Student Beans conducted a survey to find out what the true ranking of the ‘university sex league’ should be.

Below are the top unis with the most students making the beast with the two backs, ranked in order of the average number of sexual partners being reported by each respondent.

109. Bath Spa University 2.57

Bath Spa students might be safe if a nuke was detonated in the centre of their city, but they’re hardly setting the world on fire with their love life.

108. University of the West of Scotland 2.62

We’ll say no more. 

107. University of Bedfordshire 2.74

Bedfordshire might have bagged a silver medal in the new TEF uni rankings, but it’s nowhere near the top of the pile here.

106. Teesside University 2.82

Oh dear, Teesside students. Can’t spell your own uni’s name right, and by the sounds of it can’t do that well in seducing people, either.

105. Canterbury Christ Church University 2.83

CCC students aren’t doing too well on this list. But hey, not to worry: at least if a nuke was dropped your relative celibacy would be over.

104. University of Leicester 2.89

103. University of Huddersfield 2.92

Huddersfield might have some pretty famous alumni, but no current students will be making a name for themselves as a Casanova any time soon.

102. Middlesex University 3.00

There’s good news and there’s bad news for Middlesex students. On the bright side, they’d be safe from harm if London was ever nuked. On the down side, they’re 102nd when it comes to being sexually active. Owch.

101. University of Surrey 3.02

Surrey might have come 13th in the ranking of the best unis for 2018, but they’re nowhere near the top ten here.

100. University of Greenwich 3.06

Poor Greenwich students. Not only is their uni in the bottom ten for nightlife, they’re hardly bringing up the front of the rankings here.

99. Glasgow Caledonian University 3.07

GCU students made it into the top ten for partying unis, but their socialising success seems to end pretty much there.

98. Open University 3.14

97. University College Falmouth 3.21

Falmouth might have absolutely smashed it in the new TEF uni rankings, but they couldn’t repeat their gold medal success in this league table.

96. Royal Veterinary College 3.22

Despite amazingly coming 16th in the UK for partying, RVC students clearly aren’t really indulging in doggy style anywhere outside of their studies.

95. De Montfort University 3.22

DMU students are used to being ripped for being a poly, but it doesn’t sound like anyone will be accusing them of polyamory any time soon.

94. University of Abertay Dundee 3.23

93. Royal Holloway, University of London 3.28

82 per cent of RHUL students might have admitted to taking drugs, but they certainly aren’t quite as prolific in the sack.

92. University of Edinburgh 3.31

The folks in the Scottish capital might enjoy indulging in the odd illegal substance quite a lot, but they don’t seem to be too keen on indulging in other kinds of natural highs…

91. London South Bank University 3.33

LSBU students didn’t exactly set the world on fire in hardest partying ranking, and they’re doing no better here, either. Sorry guys, you might have a great location but your uni sounds a bit… dull.

90. University of Nottingham 3.41

Nottingham has done very decently in the recently-published QS World University Rankings for 2018, but they have done pretty abysmally here. Which table would UoN students rather be higher in, we wonder?

89. Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh 3.47

QMU students are safely out of the blast zone should a horrific nuclear attack occur in the Scottish capital, but they’re also pretty much safely out of the bed zone with their ranking on this list.

88. London School of Economics and Political Science 3.55

LSE came in the top ten for 2018’s top universities, but they are lightyears away from doing that well here. We guess time in the library must take precedence over time in the sack!

87. Durham University 3.60

Ah, Durham. Renowned for housing Oxbridge rejects and being, well, a bit boring, they still managed to scrape a decent ranking in our top 25 hardest partying unis table. Nonetheless, they can only manage a measly 87th here. Sorry guys, but we’re not exactly surprised.

86. University of Lincoln 3.61

Poor Lincoln students — they’d be absolutely screwed should North Korea launch an attack nearby, and they’re not even getting much sex now to cheer them up. Sad times.

85. University of East Anglia 3.65

People might rip UEA for being easy to get into, but it doesn’t seem like that holds true of its students’ bedrooms…

84. Anglia Ruskin University 3.69

Anglia Ruskin performed somewhat dreadfully in our ranking of the 25 best unis for nightlife, and it’s done similarly poory here in terms of everyone’s favourite post-nightlife activity. Oh dear.

83. University of Bradford 3.70

Bradford would be pretty screwed if Kim Jong Un ever decided to pull the trigger, but it doesn’t seem like many of their students are getting screwed in many other ways.

82. Aston University 3.72

Aston University might have cracked the top 20 in our list of the top 100 unis for nightlife, but they are languishing in the low 80s here. You can’t have everything, eh?