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5 drinking games (and how to play them)

Whether you’re meeting new people and want to break the ice, or just want to spice things up with your housemates, here are 5 drinking games that every University student should have at the ready.

1. Ride the bus

Ring of fire rules (and other drinking games to play at uni)
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This is an easy to pick up game that can be played by a large group of people. All you need to play is a pack of cards.

Ride the bus rules:

Round 1

One person will be the dealer who will shuffle the cards and then go around to each player asking them ‘red or black?’. If you guess the colour of the suit correctly, you pick someone to drink. If you’re wrong, you drink. Remember to keep the card you were dealt, don’t give it back.

Round 2

Next is ‘higher or lower?’. The same applies but the group need to guess if the second card they’re dealt will be higher or lower than the first. Again, if they’re right they pick someone to drink and if they’re wrong, they drink themselves.

Round 3

Round 3 is ‘in-between or outside?’. You have to guess whether your third card will be a number in between the two you already have, or outside of them. The same drinking rules apply. For example, if your first card was 6 and second was 10, 7,8 and 9 would be inside and anything else would be outside

Round 4

For the final group round, you ask everyone ‘do you have the suit?’. If they guess correctly about whether they have the suit you deal them, they pick someone to drink and if they get it wrong, they drink.

Building the pyramid

Next, using the remaining cards, the dealer will create a pyramid flat on the table, with 6 cards on the bottom row, then 5 etc, until the top of the pyramid has one card. Players will hold their cards they have collected throughout the game and the cards in the pyramid will be flipped over one by one by the dealer. If you have the same number as a card that’s flipped over, you can put it down and pick someone to drink. The aim is to get rid of all of your cards.

Riding the bus

Finally, whoever has the most cards remaining at the end of this round, has to ride the bus. The dealer lays 10 cards face down in a row and flips them over one by one. The person riding the bus has to guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the lst. If they get one wrong, they drink and start from the beginning.

2. Beer Pong

Ring of fire rules (and other drinking games to play at uni)
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We don’t need to explain beer pong do we? This game is a cult classic for any university student. You get into teams and position some plastic cups filled with beer (or your alcohol of choice)  into two triangles. You then take it in turns in your teams to throw a ping pong ball, aiming to get it into one of the opposing team’s cups. If you get it in they drink and the first to get rid of all of the other team’s cups win. The losers have to drink the remaining beer.

3. Ring of fire

Ring of fire rules (and other drinking games to play at uni)
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Ring of fire is another university classic I’m sure a lot of students will have heard of.

Ring of fire rules:

You start by placing a cup (or jug, depending on how drunk you want to get) in the middle of the table. You then take a pack of cards, shuffle them, and spread them out around the cup in the centre. You take it in turns picking up a card each, with each card meaning something different. Of course, the most important of Ring of fire rules is that you must not break the circle. Here is what each card means:

  • 2 – You. You pick someone to drink.
  • 3- Me. You drink
  • 4 – All women drink
  • 5- Thumb master. You can put your thumb on the table at any point, discreetly, and everyone else must copy. The slowest person drinks.
  • 6- All men drink
  • 7- Heaven. You can raise your hand whenever and everyone must copy you. The slowest person drinks.
  • 8- Mate. You pick someone to drink every time you drink.
  • 9- Rhyme. The person who pulled the card says a word, then you go around the circle naming words that rhyme with that until someone stutters.
  • 10- Categories. Think of a category eg. dog breeds, and go around until someone can’t think of one.
  • Jack- Make a rule everyone has to follow.
  • Queen- Question master. If someone asks you a question they must drink.
  • King- You pour some of your drink into the middle cup. If it’s the last king, unlucky, you drink the middle cup.
  • Ace – Waterfall. Starting with the player who drew the card, everyone continually drinks until the person before them stops.



Ring of fire rules (and other drinking games to play at uni)
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This game is a fun way to get to know people better and find out what everyone really thinks of each other. The way it works is someone will whisper a question to someone else, where the answer must be the name of someone in the room. For example ‘who is most likely to get arrested?’. The person being asked the question will answer the name of the person they think, and if that person, or anyone, wants to find out what question was asked, they must drink 5 sips.


5. Drinking Jenga

This is a twist on a classic game you probably played as a child. Everyone knows how to play classic Jenga right? With drinking Jenga, you can get creative and write dares or truths on the Jenga blocks. Whatever block you pull out, you have to do what it says. For example ‘drink 3 sips’ or ‘do an animal impression’.

That’s a wrap for our list of 5 Drinking games every University student should know. Think we’ve missed any? 

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