17 of the most shockingly filthy student places in the UK

We can all admit that, at times, we haven’t been the cleanest of people.

Especially when uni becomes particularly busy with exams and so on, it’s easy to ‘forget’ the dirty dishes in the sink until the pile gets so high one housemate gets fed up and does the lot.

But some uni houses don’t have a clean freak housemate, some go neglected for the entire academic year and are exceptionally disgusting when it comes to moving out.

We all know one house like that.

But this lot are grosser than gross.

Take a peek, at your own risk.

1. This hob in Bristol


Can you actually believe how filthy this is? I mean you might be able to if your now numb to the dirt that surrounds your student accommodation. This might have become your everyday normal! 

Credit: Carmen’s Cleaning Services

2. This shower in Leeds


This shower in Leeds needs a good clean, there is nothing worse then having to pick someone else’s hair out your shower. So let’s hope it’s been cleaned before you move in!! Our tip is to clean your shower at least once a week to stop this building up.

Credit: Squeak And Bubbles

3. This sink in Brighton


I really hope no one actually uses this to clean their pots and pans because it will probably dirtier after the clean. This needs some serious elbow grease to get those stains off! But it will be worth it for a sparkly clean work surface. 

Credit: Why Bother Cleaning

4. This toilet in Ayr


Wow, this looks like someone has just left this for years. I’m sure we’ve all been there, we come back from a night out and desperately need a number 2 … but i hope most of us would clean it up in the morning. GROSS!

Credit: Ayrshire Cleaners

5. This fridge in Kent


This is just completely unhealthy and someone has definitely fallen ill from having there food in there. Word of advise – as boring as it sounds write a cleaning rota and you’ll feel so much better coming home to a clean house / flat after a long day of lectures.

Credit: K.V Professional Cleaning Services


6. This bathroom ceiling in Essex

Bathroom Before 3 (2)

Okay … i’m not sure what to say about this. They need to get onto their landlord asap. 

Credit: AS Cleaning Services

7. This carpet in Coventry


This carpet needs some serious carpet cleaner and some TLC. Our top tip would be not to wear your shoes indoors….. because it looks like they may have brought some poop from outdoors..

Credit: Fitz2Kleen

8. This floor in Kingston


It’s hard to imagine that this is actually someone’s floor and they did leave it like this when they moved out!! Now i can see how it could get like this after a house party  but you would definitely not live like this for the next couple of months until you move out! 

Credit: Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning

9. This oven in Glasgow


That actually looks like a dead creature!!!! And to think food has been near that… ewwwwww

Credit: AL Scrubz

10. This bath in Oxford


So it is confirmed that students did actually bath in this… and i don’t think they got any cleaner judging by the state of that bath. 

Credit: Cinderella’s Cleaning Services Oxford

Credit: All Around UK

17. This kitchen-come-bathroom in Newcastle


Credit: JGH Cleaning Services



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