Studies reveal expensive snacking habits among students, while main meals are being skipped

Unifresher Review Soylent – Ready-to-drink meal

It has been found students are relying on expensive snacking habits to replace full meals, with the average student skipping up to five meals every week. A study has revealed breakfast is the most missed meal, with 63% of students saying they don’t eat in the mornings. Skipping meals leaves students snacking on unhealthy expensive snacks, leaving you feeling fatigued. 

If this sounds like you then we have the solution for you. SOYLENT! A ready-to-drink meal in a bottle which delivers all the nutrition, protein, vitamins and minerals you need to function at your best. Forget not having enough time to cook, just pick up this bottle of goodness and you know you have all your vital nutrients covered. Each drink is designed as a complete meal, packed with 20g of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.

MochaSplash-uk.jpgThey are unbelievably yummy with our favourite at Unifresher being the Cacao flavour. The three most popular flavours are Cacao (of course), Cafe Mocha and Original. A member of our team replaced their breakfast with these replacements for a week and found they were fuller throughout the day and felt less fatigued, with an increase in energy levels!  They are sold in cases of 12 at £39.99 (just £3.33 per 414ml bottle), way less then you’d spend on a meal.

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