The 5 best hidden bars in Leicester

Leicester is definitely a great place for a big day out. But what it’s also great for is some seriously cool bars.

There are so many bars and pubs vying for the Leicester residents’ attention that it can be difficult to hear above the noise and find the cream of the crop.

Luckily for you, Unifresher have put together a list of the top five hidden bars and clubs to experience in the city.

Haycock & Tailbar Associates


Credit: Haycock and Tailbar/Facebook
14 Albion Street, LE1 6GB

The most hidden of all the bars in Leicester, to get to Haycock and Tailbar you have to gain entry through a non-descript black door, ringing a golden bell to get in. With menus hidden inside books and three whole floors to explore, you can enjoy the suave, sophisticated vibe this scrumptious spirits bar boasts.

The Toast Inn


Credit: The Toast Inn/Facebook
34 Francis Strees, LE2 2BD

The Toast Inn is another swish bar to enjoy a fancy night out at in Leicester. With open fires and gorgeous, gentle music playing in the intimate room, you can look forward to gin, cocktails, wine, champagne and some small, elegant meals if you manage to find it.

Gate 38

gate 38

Credit: Gate 38/Facebook
38b Belvior Street, LE1 6QH

Gate 38 has a pretty unique gimmick — the whole setup is meant to resemble the anticipation you feel in an airport right before going on holiday. They also offer you the chance to travel the world in drinks. Drink a pina colada and imagine yourself on the beaches of San Antonio or take a trip to Havana with a refreshing mojito.

The Attic


Credit: The Attic/Facebook
68 High Street, LE1 5YP

The Attic’s self-proclaimed motto is ‘never above ya, never below ya, always beside ya’. It’s a welcoming message, and the bar itself is a welcoming suit and tie affair, featuring massively fancy cocktails at very fair prices. If you want a classier night out in Leicester, this is one of your best bets.

Brick and Beam


Credit: Brick and Beam/Facebook
12 Queen Street, LE1 1QW

This ‘industrial-style’ bar is set inside an old factory, and features an upper floor bar and terrace and a seriously cool look which has been described as ‘industrial chic’. You’ll feel super-exclusive as you can decide whether to go for their fancy cocktails, locally-roasted coffee or massive selection of beers. And once again, it looks seriously cool.

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