Virtual games to play during lockdown

The 6 wildest virtual games to play during lockdown

With a new lockdown in wide parts of the UK, you might find yourself bored and unable to meet with friends and family. Virtual games are a great way to occupy yourself during this lockdown as well as to socialise and keep in touch with your loved ones. Therefore, you should check out our list of the wildest virtual games to play during this lockdown.

1. Among Us

Among Us
Source: NME

This game has become a classic over the past year, but it still deserves mention in this list. Among Us is a space-themed online multiplayer game in which the players are divided into Crewmates and Imposters. The Crewmates must fulfil different tasks and identify the Imposters while these try to sabotage and kill the Crewmates. The game is great for fighting against boredom in lockdown and guarantees some fun nights spent online with friends.

2. Houseparty

House Party

Houseparty is not a virtual game but a social networking service with which you can video chat in groups via mobile or desktop apps. What distinguishes this platform from other video call services are the numerous games offered that you can play with your friends during a call. Among others, these include popular games such as Uno, Magic 8-ball as well as several trivia games.

3. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Online
Source: Unanimous AI

You have most likely already heard of the game “Cards Against Humanity”, but did you know that you can play it online? The goal in the game is to complete statements using given cards. Some very unusual answers are guaranteed! And with the online version, you can still enjoy this fun party game despite lockdown and social distancing!

4. Psych!

Source: Mobile and Tablet Apps Directory

Psych! is another party game that you can play online with your friends during lockdown! In this virtual game, the players must make up fake answers to real trivia questions with the goal to be as convincing as possible. It is a great way to get creative and is sure to produce some good laughs.

5. Pictionary
Source: Sketchful

Another game to try if you want to get creative and have a fun time with friends is Pictionary. The players must draw pictures representing different words or phrases, while their partners guess what they have drawn. Pictionary originally is a board game, but there are several ways to turn it into a virtual version which you can play in lockdown. These include online word generators specifically designed for the game as well as different online versions like Sketchful and Drawize.

6. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever
Source: Cosmopolitan

Never Have I Ever is another popular game which you can play online. In this party classic, every player comes up with something they have never done before. If another person has done this thing, they must take a shot. Of course, you do not have to use alcohol, the game works just as well with juice or lemonade. So, get your drinks ready to play this wild virtual game during this lockdown!

As you can see, there are plenty of great online games with which you can have fun while virtually staying in touch with your family and friends. Hopefully, they can help to make this hard time easier for you and add a little fun to lockdown.

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