The best Christmas adverts that will have you weeping 2019

We all know when Christmas is nearly here when the festive adverts start appearing on the telly. Each year there seems to be a fierce competition to see who’s got the best one and which advert catches on the heartstrings of the public the most. In the past, we’ve had a man on the moon, cats, penguins and snowmen just to name a few. But what do this year’s adverts had to offer? Here are our top picks of Christmas adverts that will be bound to make you shed a tear (or several).

John Lewis & Partners – Excitable Edgar

Excitable Edgar has got to be top of the list this year. John Lewis always seem to do well in the emotional advert department, and this year has been no exception. Along to the perfectly fitting soundtrack of Bastille’s rendition of Can’t Fight This Feeling, Excitable Edgar tells the tale of an adorable dragon and his friendship with a young girl. When Edgar can’t help but accidentally ruin Christmas, his friendship ends up saving the day.

The video has over nine million views on Youtube and has turned out to be an audience favourite this festive season.

Dogs Trust – A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

The not so secret recipe to making an emotional Christmas advert is to involve animals. This year, DogsTrust have made a hard-hitting film that really gets the core message of their campaign across.

The video sees a dog being the centre of attention at a Christmas dinner before being thrown away shortly after when it is no longer wanted. This advert is probably one of the most powerful amongst the others released this year, as it portrays the harsh reality some animals have to face when their owners decide they don’t want them anymore.

If DogsTrust haven’t made you want to adopt multiple dogs with their Christmas campaign, there must be something wrong with you.

Hafod Hardware –  Be A Kid This Christmas

The advert from a small hardware shop in Wales has been the underdog of the Christmas adverts this year. Costing only £100 to make, the video stars a little two-year-old boy as he goes to work for a day, cleaning the shop, serving customers and wrapping their presents. At the end of the two minutes of footage, the camera turns to an adult version of the child walking away from the shop with a Christmas tree.

Hailed as the main competition to John Lewis this year, Haford Hardware’s advert has had over one million views on Youtube and has received more praise online than a lot of the big companies videos. – Get More Out of Giving

This is one of the shorter adverts released this Christmas at only 40 seconds long. However, it still packs a punch and delivers a strong message of helping those in need this festive season.

The cartoon shows an older man walking down the street with his dog, yet unknowingly his neighbours are preparing him a Christmas present behind the scenes. The look of delight on the gentleman’s face when he receives the gift is heart-warming and implies a real sense of community spirit, one which can be seen within many communities across the country at Christmas time.

Sainsbury’s – Nicholas the Sweep

Sainsbury’s have become known for their popular Christmas adverts, with last year’s ad ‘The Big Night’ being a massive hit. This year, they have gone for down a different, less comical route and have made something timely to celebrate 150 years since they opened their first supermarket.

Nicholas the Sweep follows the story of a workhouse boy who is accused of stealing a piece a piece of fruit when it falls from a market stall. However, after the boy makes an escape from capture, the market stall owner finds him and gifts him back the fruit, which then ends up in the stockings of his friends from the workhouse.

This isn’t the first time Sainsbury’s have incorporated history into their Christmas campaigns. In 2014, they made an advert inspired by the 1914 wartime football match which took place on Christmas day between the British and German forces.

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