The best cocktail bars in Nottingham revealed

The best cocktail bars in Nottingham revealed

Written by Laycie Beck & Samantha Williams

Nottingham has a great nightlife scene, filled with clubs and pubs, however, the best place to go on a night out with your friends is to a bar, or two, or three…

Cocktail bars are filled with creative drinks, amazing décor, and they’re usually easier to keep track of your friends in. So for those reasons, here are some of the best cocktail bars in Nottingham…

1. Slug & Lettuce

Credit: Slug & Lettuce

Address: Long Row, Market Square

The Slug & Lettuce is an extremely Instagrammable cocktail bar, full of modern interior, pastel colours and flowers so it’s perfect for any girl’s night out. Plus they even do cocktail making classes so you and your friends can learn how to expertly make your favourite drinks. Slug & Lettuce also offer 2-4-1 cocktails during their happy hours, so you can have a Pornstar Martini and a Classic Mojito for the price of one, which means double the fun.

2. Coco Tang

Credit: Coco Tang

Address: Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham

This cocktail bar is anything but ordinary and nestled away beneath the streets of Nottingham. The bar has amazing décor, including one room which has the entire ceiling illuminated by coloured lanterns. Coco Tang is well known for its innovative cocktails, including their unique coffee cocktails, which makes it a favourite with students. They also have themed cocktails from films, including ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Fight Club’.

3. Be at One

Credit: Be at one

Address: Victoria Street, Nottingham

Who doesn’t enjoy sipping cocktails in a glamourous bar, Be at One has very modern and luminous interior to create a chill atmosphere. During their happy hour cocktails are also 2-4-1, which is great because there are so many on the menu to choose from, whether you fancy a Capri Cooler or a Floradora The Explorer. Plus to make sure you get the most out of your trip they also have a rewards app where you can earn points which can be redeemed for rewards.

4. The Alchemist

Credit: The Alchemist

Address: King Street, Nottingham

Drinking cocktails is great, but it’s even more fun to watch them be made, especially at The Alchemist. Smoke and fire are usually involved with their specialist cocktails, so you’re guaranteed a drink like no other thanks to the mixology experts and their original concoctions. This mystical bar also has master classes, so you and your friends can learn how to make some of their most popular drinks from just £30 per person.

5. Turtle Bay


Address: The Cornerhouse, Trinity Square

Nottingham has one of the best Caribbean restaurants and bars in the UK, and it’s a cocktail bar not to miss which its tropical theme and chill vibe. Turtle Bay have plenty of exciting cocktails to try, as well as a rum sharing board! They also have their own happy hour, where all of their cocktails are 2-4-1, however you must order two of the same drink at the same time for it to be valid. They also offer a Bottomless Brunch every day of the week from 10am until 3pm for £25pp, which means unlimited cocktails, mocktails and Bellini’s for 2 hours.

6. The Malt Cross

Malt Cross Nottingham
Credit: Malt Cross Instagram

Address: 16 St James’s St, Nottingham NG1 6FG

This bar is housed within one of the last vintage music halls. The cross also underwent a large renovation in 2014 worth 1.4 million, which allowed it to grow to its full potential whilst allowing it to remain as a music hall. In addition to the bars prestige for heritage, arts and music, the cross also offers plenty of options for both food and drink including cocktails. With the food, drink, and live music played often, this would be the place for those who love a bit of music with their food and drink.

7. Pitcher and Piano

Pitcher & Piano Nottingham
Credit: Pitcher & Piano Nottingham

Address: The Unitarian Church, High Pavement, Nottingham NG1 1HN

The Pitcher and Piano is a branch of numerous bars over England and Wales, but the Nottingham branch in particular makes the chain brand interesting. Converted into a bar from an old church, it contains huge stained glass windows and an elegant chandelier which really tie together to give the place an elegant look. Among the drinks on offer are an exceptional wine list as well as a wide variety of cocktails ranging anywhere from the classics to new and unique drinks such as Kiss from a Rose, Pear Drop and English Estate. With cocktail names such as these, it is easy to see how all aspects of this bar make for a great experience overall.

8. Ye Olde Jerusalem

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem Nottingham
Credit: Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem Instagram

Address: Brewhouse Yard, 1, Nottingham NG1 6AD

Building more onto the theme of heritage from previous mentions, this bar is the oldest in England and impressively still stands in good condition to this day! This isn’t the only thing this old piece of architecture has to offer though as it was built into the rock beneath Nottingham castle, a centuries old piece of history! Not only could someone have a tour of the castle but also the caves beneath, which would be an interesting look into both Nottingham and it’s history. Besides, all of that walking will be deserving of a refreshing cocktail afterwards.

9. The Lost City

Lost City Nottingham
Credit: Tripadvisor

Address: The Cornerhouse, Burton St, Nottingham NG1 4DB

This bar really takes an interactive adventure to the next level! Mapped on the classic Indiana Jones series of films, the stage includes a physical course to work through and even a large animatronic snake as you make your way to the finish where potential prizes may await. After all of that effort there is also a bar, with plenty of rewarding options to choose from. This place is perfect for adventurers but also those who want a bit more excitement to their trips out, and is also available to all as it includes wheelchair accessible options.

10. The Walrus

The Walrus Nottingham
Credit: The Walrus Instagram

Address: 19A King St, Nottingham NG1 2AY

Considered one of the most active places on the Nightclub scene in Nottingham, the Walrus is bound to have an excellent atmosphere and an even better drinks menu. After all, it wouldn’t have gained so much popularity without having something to appeal to the majority of people. With four beer pong tables, a dance floor, and a variety of cocktails such as the Amaretto Sour, Long Island Iced Tea, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Daiquiri there is something for everyone whether it’s a night out with the mates or just going out for some dancing.

11. The Lacehouse

Lacehouse Nottingham
Credit: Lacehouse Facebook

Address: The Lacehouse 14, Broadway, Nottingham NG1 1PS

With the oldest architecture, the Lacehouse is based from one of the last remaining lace factories in Nottingham and as such gives a very nostalgic feel from the moment you walk in. There are many seating areas, as well as a great selection of drinks that would be fitting for anyone, so would make for a great place to have something to drink. This would be especially great for going out during the day time, but could also be suited to the night time as well.

12. Das Kino

Das Kino Nottingham
Credit: Das Kino Instagram

Address: 2fz, 22 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham NG1 2FZ

A trendy place to drink, Das Kino features a lot of industrial furnishings and vintage seating to give a modern yet vintage feel, perfect for those who like a mix of things. The drinks selection is also great, and it’s doubtful that many would have trouble finding something that interests them from it. A great place to hang out with friends, especially.

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