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The best free health and fitness resources for lockdown

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, people have taken one of two paths: the first being, keeping fit and ensuring healthy eating, or they are letting these routines slip and feeling less motivated. During lockdown especially, it has become increasingly difficult to work out. Without the gym’s equipment and atmosphere to push your limits, and to keep you engaged, it can be challenging to differentiate between the workplace, relaxing time and your workout space, as all are based within the home. So here are some of the best free health and fitness resources to get you through lockdown.


Fitness Videos

Instagram is a huge platform, one which allows people to collaborate and present their workings. Some accounts to follow during Covid-19 are. Louise Thompson’s page (@louise.thompson), which is filled with the perfect at-home workouts, such as her ‘6 lower abs exercises’, as well as some healthy snacks to make post-workout: ‘PIZZA, BUT HEALTHY’. These are perfect for those who do not desire to spend an entire hour working out their bodies but prefer to work hard in short bursts. Louise’s page, also teaches you about your form when lifting weights, and how to prevent injury – which is helpful as we are all learning how to do so without the gym’s help.

Another page you might find useful is Courtney Black’s (@courtneydblack). Her feed is designed, similarly to Louise’s, to try and inform her followers on different healthy snacks and meals. She also does extensive workouts, which are directed at those who would rather have an entire workout routine of around fifty minutes. Her page is extremely useful for those who also have questions on either their fitness or eating habits. Courtney has some content, such as her ‘Day in the Life’ and ‘Portion Control’ videos, which not only focus on fitness and maintaining a balanced diet, but also the realism of trying to do so. She does not glamourize the weight-loss, or building muscle journeys, but rather speaks on subjects such as ‘THE SCALES! Weight Fluctuations’.

Health and Nutrition

Alongside fitness routines, it is important to maintain a balanced diet. The important part of that phrase being “balanced”. If you’re interested in diet help, be sure to follow accounts that not only understand it is okay to eat unhealthily sometimes or have cheat days, but also those who don’t make you feel bad for doing so. The Meal Plans (@mealplans) page is one to help you through Covid-19 as it shows you easy-to-follow recipes. For example, their Garlic Fries + Vegan Chipotle Aioli is a snack that one can make post-workout, to replace the healthy carbohydrates lost during exercise. This page is also one of our favourites due to its ability to accommodate a variety of different diets, such as Vegan and Keto.


During the first national lockdown, TikTok became an app that blew up for young audiences. There are many accounts, such as Tyler Butt’s (@tylerbutt_eats) that target young people – specifically University students. He, as a young adult himself, teaches you to maintain a balanced, healthy diet whilst on a low budget. Many of his TikTok’s are simple to follow and use household appliances that you are most likely to own already. I admire his channel because of his relatability and honesty. He addresses cheat days in his videos and ensures his followers that it is okay to eat food that is deemed unhealthy, as it won’t cause damage to the fitness journey they are on.

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