The best hobbies to take up during Covid-19

Being stuck at home may seem like a dream to some, but for others who love to be on the move it may be a complete nightmare. Learning a new hobby may be just what you need to get you through lockdown. Here are a few of the best hobbies to take up during Covid-19.


Writing can take many forms and any one of these can make up a hobby. From poetry to journaling and even creating short stories, any one of these would be great for those who have something to say but not many outlets to say it. On top of that, writing is pretty therapeutic and can be used to help drain away stressful thoughts that may be lingering. Amazon could even be used within writing, by using aspects of the website such as Amazon Self-Publishing, which allows people to earn money from their creativity. More information about Amazon Self-Publishing can be found here.

Learning a new language

Duolingo! Is a great website if you want to learn a new language. This website is focused on learning new languages through practising and testing yourself on one section at a time. There are also multiple types of tests such as visual, audio or written, giving enough variety for the majority of learners out there. If learning a language is something you would like to do over the summer, then this app is definitely recommended.

Learning to play an instrument

If you have an instrument you wanted to learn but never had the time, now is a good opportunity to start. There are many places online that may sell the instrument you are looking for, whether it be a flute or a guitar, and along with that, there are also other places to find the resources needed to learn! It could be just one song, multiple, or even playing around with the notes to make your own songs, the sky really is the limit when there are so many resources online to be found with the relevant google search.


For those who need a more green-thumbed hobby during COVID-19, there is always gardening! This does not always have to be digging out plots in the back garden for vegetables as a few pots in or outdoors could work just as well! Tesco sells small potted plants or succulents which usually need watering only once per day or less, so even when things begin to get back on track it won’t take up too much time to grow a mini garden from the comfort of a bedroom windowsill.


With COVID-19 keeping everyone inside, reading is a great hobby to pick up! For those who prefer fiction, there are a variety of genres such as horror, fantasy, and romance. The Shell House by Linda Newbery and Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller are two personal favourites. There are also plenty of options for non-fiction readers such as autobiographies or even essays, and the best thing is that there is likely a title for whichever topic you might feel like reading about. It’s also easy to pick up a book as many online stores over a wide range of titles as ebooks or physical copies.

Audiobooks and Podcasts

Is the idea of getting invested in stories something you enjoy, but the reading not so much? Then an audiobook or podcast might be for you. These can be found in many places online and while some cost a subscription fee, such as Audible, other platforms such as Spotify make it easy to listen to podcasts free of charge. Some of the popular podcasts at the moment include The Receipts Podcast, No such thing as a fish, and Harry Potter at home which can all be found on Spotify. That doesn’t mean that you have to stay with the popular choice, though, as there are plenty of other choices that are not in the podcast charts.

There are plenty of other hobbies out there, but these are just a few. Which one will you try this quarantine season? Whichever you choose, hopefully it will make the time spent indoors more productive as you develop one of these skills. Good luck and stay safe.


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