The best places for a lads holiday

Whether its a stag do, or just a cheeky trip away, the terms ‘lads on tour’ or ‘lads holiday’ are all too familiar. But where are the best places to go for a lads holiday?

Well, according to the Lads Holiday Guide, these are the top 7 locations:

1. Cancun

Cancun in Mexico is a well-known tourist spot, but what is there to do? And why is it number one for lads holiday? Well, with Congobar Cancun, Cuncrawl and The City Nightclub within walking distance of each other, and all 3 having 5 star Google Rated, and looking at the photos, we can see why. Especially when you combine that with the £1.87 pints and £20 meals for two!

2. Ibiza

Of course, Ibiza had to be on this list. It is the cliche. But why? What does it have for lads to enjoy? With Daddy Mambo, Sunset Bar, Elements and Mint Lounge, as well as festivals every month in the summer, it’s obvious why people love this sunny isle. Especially with £1.80 pints!

3. Magaluf

This seaside town in Majorca is another stereotypical lads location, with BCM Planet Dance, Boomerang Magaluf, and Tokio Joes lining the city. You can score a pint in the sunny Spanish location for only £2.24, so pile them on and have a dance!

4. Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a resort in Bulgaria that boasts glorious sun, sand and some great nights out! Whether you visit Den Glade Viking, Mexo Bar or Amigo Bar, you’re in for a week or so you will not forget. Plus, you only have to spend £1.15 for a pint! So get them down you ASAP!

5. Zante

Zante is famous for it’s Laganas strip, as well as huge clubs like G-Spot and Plus Club. It’s also well known for golden beaches and clear blue seas. It’s a little pricier over in Greece though, with a pint costing you a whole £2.69.

6. Malia

Malia, a seaside venue in Crete, is a lesser-known party venue for a lads holiday. But that doesn’t reduce it’s value. With clubs like Corkers, Candy Club and Help Bar you are almost destined to have a wonderful time. Although, as with Zante, those Grecians do charge a little more for their beers, at £3.82 per pint.

7. Kavos

Another Grecian seaside lads holiday location is Kavos. It has the Ice Bar, Scorer’s Sport’s Bar, and Buzz Bar ready for you to peruse, with it’s £2.69 beers to fill your boots with.

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