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The best uni pranks for April Fools to try this year!

April Fools Day is just around the corner and you know what that means- pranks galore! If you’re stuck on any ideas to prank your university or flatmates then this is just the post for you. Check out the best uni pranks for April Fools below.

Playing the trumpet to wake someone up


We found this guy from the balcony and paid him 20 to do this #unoffical#uiuctiktok#uiuc#foryou #college#prank#university #universityofillinois

♬ original sound – Arber Ibraimi

The first prank to start off with if you are a musical guru is playing the trumpet to wake someone up. If not, get one of your mates to do it! It’s quick and easy. All you have to do is play the trumpet whilst someone is asleep and hope they eventually wake up.

Cling film the entrance to someone’s bedroom door


we need to do better 🤣 #university #uni #roomates #accommodation #students #uk

♬ original sound – the uni diaries

Why not cling film the entrance to someone’s bedroom door? They’ll get the shock of their lives once they open the door and are covered in cling film! It’s simple and cheap, anyone has cling film lying around in their flat so this can easily be achieved.

Take the labels off their tins

Despite only taking a couple of minutes, this prank is sure to cause a lifetime of irritation and headaches for your flatmates! Break into your flatmate’s kitchen and peel off the labels of all of their tins. Another tip, just as satisfying, is to add other tins of pet food or things equally gross and add them to the Russian roulette of tins!

Wrapping paper on furniture

Credit: Britannica

This prank can cause serious disruption to someone’s bedroom in various ways. In the end, you could be pranking yourself because it takes a lot longer to execute! Get some wrapping paper, tinfoil or newspaper and wrap the floors, walls, ceiling, bed and furniture,  basically anything that is on show.

Fake cracked computer screen desktop

A broken laptop screen is sure to make your flatmate go into the ultimate meltdown. Download an image of a broken laptop screen and set it as their desktop picture, removing the desktop icons for full effect!

Mess with their social media

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Getting your hands on your flatmate’s Facebook profile is sure to be the best prank of all, there are numerous things you can do. This includes changing the date of their birthday, changing their name to something really weird or changing their privacy settings to ‘Only Me’.

You might even be surprised that lecturers even took part in April Fools Day, read on to find out about the pranks that took place in different universities across the nation!

University of Cambridge voice recognition doors

The University of Cambridge got back at their students by telling them that they could open doors courtesy of a new voice recognition feature. The lecturers clearly won this time!

University of Leicester getting royally renamed

After the discovery of Richard III in a Leicester car park, The Independent pranked the public by saying The University of Leicester would be renamed to King Richard University. Some laughed the story off but some people actually believed it! Lols all around!

The University of Oxford and self-driving punts

In 2015, the University of Oxford convinced the public and the world that the world-famous punts would now become self-driving punts. The story was posted the morning of the 1st of April so you know what that means!

The University of Glasgow as an adventure park

After a spoof video of a 500m long helter-skelter within its grounds, people were convinced that the University of Glasgow had become a theme park. That’s one way to get students into lectures and seminars on time!

You can check out the video here.

What’s the best prank that you’ve ever pulled off at uni? Tell us in the comments.

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