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Moving into the University of Nottingham soon, but not sure where the best places are to live? Unsure as to whether to go with university-owned or private halls? Moving into halls for your first year is a really good idea, as you’ll be close to campus and will find it easier to make friends and socialise. There are different factors to consider, such as whether you want catered or self-catered accommodation, how close you want to be to campus and how much money you’re willing to fork out. But here is our guide to the best University of Nottingham accommodation.

Catered Hall

Hugh Stewart Hall

Hugh Stewart Hall
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If you want to live on campus, then you will have to go into catered accommodation. It’s well established that Cripps and Hugh Stewart are two of the best halls on campus – their location, situated in the centre, is at perfect distance from everything. Hugh Stewart looks really beautiful, especially the older parts of the accommodation. Although the newer part of Hugh Stewart doesn’t look nearly as impressive, its rooms are still spacious compared to other standard university rooms. Going into catered accommodation in first year is a really easy way to make friends, as it is easy to socialise with flatmates at dinner and breakfast time. At breakfast time during the week, if you want to have a cooked breakfast you will have to walk next door to Cripps hall, as Hugh Stewart won’t serve a cooked breakfast during the weekdays. Hugh Stewart is ideal in terms of its location; most of your lectures or seminars will be a 5-10 minute walk, so you won’t have to worry about getting up early.

Cripps Hall

Cripps Hall
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Cripps Hall is located next to Hugh Stewart, and so is also in an ideal location being in the centre of campus. The main perk of Cripps over Hugh Stewart is that you can eat breakfast in your own hall. Moving into catered accommodation is really good as not having to make food for yourself is one less thing you need to stress about when moving to uni. Although sometimes the meals can be questionable, they are generally pretty good, and the brunch on weekends is definitely one of the best parts of living in catered accommodation. Whilst there are other halls across the different “zones” of campus, I would recommend these two to be the best for location and comfort.

Self-catered Halls

Broadgate Park

Broadgate Park
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If living in catered halls is definitely not what you want, then you’ll have to live off-campus. Broadgate Park is the closest to campus, with it literally being across the road from the University Park West entrance. It isn’t owned by the university, but is managed by a private company. There are a few different types of rooms to choose from, and is really the best option if you want to cook for yourself but don’t want to live too far away from campus. Broadgate is supposedly the most social out of the self-catered halls as well, as it is quite easy to socialise with your flat in the kitchen.

Riverside Point

An alternative off-campus accommodation is Riverside Point. Broadgate Park is closer to campus but it may fill up really quickly so it might not be possible to get a room there. A 20-minute walk to campus, and situated in the popular student area, Lenton, Riverside Point is another common choice for self-catered accommodation. With slightly cheaper room prices than Broadgate, it is a better price if you want an en-suite and don’t mind living slightly further out from campus. Riverside Point also generally has bigger kitchens than in some of the flats at Broadgate, so that is another advantage.

The Cheapest Halls

St Peter’s Court

St Peters Court
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If you have a tight budget and not a lot of student loan to spare, then I would recommend either staying at St Peter’s Court. It’s one of the furthest away from campus, as it is located in Radford, close to Jubilee Campus. There is a free hopper bus that runs every half an hour to University Park Campus, so if you don’t mind getting the bus to campus, or walking the 35-minute walk than St Peter’s Court is a really good option. All of its rooms are en-suite as well, so it’s the best place to get cheap accommodation with your own bathroom.

Raleigh Park

Raleigh Park
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Raleigh Park is also situated in Radford, but is a bit closer to University Park, about a 20-minute walk. There isn’t a hopper bus that goes to Raleigh, but you can always walk to Jubilee and take the bus from there. It’s also quite cheap accommodation, with options to have a license for 44 weeks and for 51 weeks. It has options to share a bathroom or to have an en-suite as well.

Hopefully, this brief overview of the best University of Nottingham accommodations was helpful enough to help you decide what is most important to you when choosing where to live. Living on campus in first year can be really great, as it will feel less overwhelming in having to learn the area, and you’ll get the security of being in an enclosed space. However, if you really don’t want to be in catered halls then there are still options such as Broadgate Park that are still close to campus. Overall, you have to balance the different factors and figure out which one is the best option for you.

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