The bible to being a fresher at UoB 2018

First of all CONGRATULATIONS on dragging yourself through your A Levels. YOU have made it and get ready, because it’s going to be a heck of a ride.

Starting University is both a terrifying and exciting experience and we are here to help you make the most out of your three/four years here. Dive into our guide for you Birmingham Freshers – be the first to be in the no – guide your new friends around the city – grab a drink and dive in…

Old Joe will be your best friend 

University of Birmingham has the tallest free-standing clock tower. When we say tallest we mean in the WORLD!!? It is not only the centrepiece of UoB Campus but it will also guide you home at 4am, be your shade on a summer day and if you don’t have a selfie with it do you even go here?


You are now in The Midlands – Be Fully Aware

You are not in the North, and of course you are not in the South. The locals get royally pissed off if you don’t acknowledge that Brum is indeed in The Midlands. Bit of Geography for you there.

If you haven’t got Uber then you’ve just become the favourite person in your flat

You heard it here first – buses are a nightmare and pricey for a student budget. Uber will become your saviour and best friend. Even better you get a free ride if you haven’t got it! Start picking who you’ll take on your next ride courtesy of yours truly.

Fab ‘N’ Fresh – A must go 

The best nights are experienced at the SU, the mighty Fab ‘N’ Fresh. You will soon find out the great lengths everyone goes to to get their hands on a Fab N Fresh ticket. Sports nights on a Wednesday get wild and you best have your fancy dress box ready! Send in your pics so we can post! (


Birmingham is known for its amazing nightlife – Explore it!

After you’ve got over the shock of Fab, then your just about ready for anything. head into town to find Players, Rosies, Snobs, LAB11 or the Iconic Rainbow Venues. Theres something for everyone. Always split your Uber on a student budget and end your night in Pitstop or Roosters for some well deserved chicken.


Rethink trying to find yourself a seat in the library 

We will save you some time now… we have spent many an hour trying to find a sear in the new shiny library – just don’t make our mistake! There is a severe shortage of seats but do not fear. We have all the secrets. Instead explore the unknown haunts like the Avon Room, Mason Lounge or The Learning Centre. BUT remember you are a fresher… what you doing in the library anyway?


The only place for you is Roosters

Trust us on this – this place will be your best friend after a night out.


Enjoy and as ever keep us updated on your Uni journey!

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