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The cheesiest romcoms to watch on Netflix this Valentine’s Day

Throw away social media and your phones and enjoy this Valentine’s Day curled up with your significant other watching a hilarious romantic movie. Lucky for you love birds, we’ve gathered the cheesiest romcoms on Netflix to watch on the special day. They’ll have your heart swooning and will leave you in balls of laughter.


Sexy and smooth dating coach Alex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens gives dating advice to unexperienced singletons. He’s mentoring a bumbling client ‘Albert’ who hopes to win the heart of the beautiful Allegra. Hitch, however, is thrown when a so-called lovely reporter starts nosing around his business. Could this possibly threaten the new relationship?

What If

Another rom-com that will leave you in tears of laughter is ‘What If’. Daniel Radcliffe plays a medical dropout (Wallace) who tries to hide his attraction to his new friend Chantry. There’s only one problem. She has a boyfriend. Will Wallace get the girl or are they destined to be just friends?

Can You Keep a Secret?

2019 romantic comedy ‘Can you keep a secret?’, is another fantastic movie to watch this Valentine’s day. Junior marketing representative Emma Corrigan ends up telling her secrets to a random stranger by the name of Jack Harper on a plane. Some secrets that maybe shouldn’t be said out loud. She later discovers that Jack is the company’s CEO, the company she happens to work for. Emma comes face-to-face with old vulnerabilities, new romance and most importantly, herself.

The Kissing Booth

Another awesome rom-com to watch on Valentines Day is ‘The Kissing Booth’. Late bloomer Elle Evans decides to run a kissing booth at her high school’s spring carnival. It’s going great until she finds herself locking lips with her long-time crush Noah Flynn. Noah happens to be the brother of Elle’s best friend Lee. This is absolutely off-limits according to the friendship book. Will Elle choose to follow the rules or follow her heart?


We all make reckless mistakes when we’re drunk. Wesley in the romantic comedy ‘Desperados’ is no exception to this. After drunkenly sending a cringeworthy email, Wesley (‘Wes’) heads to Mexico with her best friends in hopes to delete the email before her love reads it. Will they make it on time?

Fired Up

Another remarkable rom-com movie to watch this Valentine’s day is ‘Fired Up’. High-school football stars, Shawn and Nick, are absolutely dreading another summer at football camp. So instead they decide to enrol at a cheerleader camp. As expected, the pair are surrounded by beautiful girls and Shawn sees himself falling for cheerleader Carly. Problems arise when the head cheerleader sees right through the boy’s playbook schemes.


Speaking of hot valentines dates, why not watch ‘Naked’ this valentines day. Rob Anderson is all set to marry the girl of his dream (‘awww’) but he can’t quite get to the altar. He finds himself stuck in a never-ending time loop, waking up naked in a hotel elevator over and over again. Will he be able to stop the loop and say the words ‘I do’?

The Wrong Missy

Young (and rather clumsy) Tim thinks he invited the woman of his dreams to a work retreat to Hawaii. Nothing could beat the radiant hot weather and warm cosy beaches with his loved one. Only Tim didn’t invite the woman of his dreams but mistakenly texts someone from a nightmare blind date. What could possibly go wrong?

Isn’t It Romantic

Natalie (played by Rebel Wilson) works hard to get noticed at her job as an architect. However, she’s stuck doing coffee rounds rather than designing skyscrapers. Things go from bad to weird when Natalie is knocked unconscious on a subway… She wakes up to find herself in her worst nightmare, playing the leading lady in a real-life romantic comedy.

Tall Girl

Jodi Kreyman had lived her entire life insure about her 6ft 1 height. She finds herself falling for a handsome foreign exchange student and finds herself in a surprising love triangle. A perfect rom-com to watch this valentines day!

So Undercover

Last but certainly not least, ‘So Undercover’ is another great romantic comedy to watch this Valentine’s Day. Molly, a young investigator, takes photos of cheating men. She is assigned by FBI to keep an eye on Alex Patrone, the daughter of a senator. Molly needs to learn how to walk and talk like a sorority girl to keep her cover. Through her journey, Molly must protect Alex and discovers that not everyone is who he or she appears to be.

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