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The end of Love Island 2021: everything you need to know now the summer of love is over

Love Island 2021 has been a bit of a rollercoaster. After a really slow start, we ended up with a rather turbulent series involving full of arguments, backstabbing, and even a breakup! With Millie and Liam being crowned winners just a few days ago, the series has now come to an end. However, plenty of us are still reeling from the dramatic turnarounds the last few weeks in the villa held. Whether you were watching avidly for the whole eight weeks, or you lost interest before we even got to Casa Amor, here is everything you need to know about how the Islanders’ final few days in the villa played out.

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Liberty and Jake say their goodbyes

From the first few episodes of the series, Liberty and Jake seemed to be favourites to win the whole series. However, as the weeks went on, it became clear that they weren’t as perfect for each other as everyone thought. Then, as Casa Amor hit, it really seemed like Jake was playing a game as he encouraged the rest of the boys to betray their girls back at the villa. In the following weeks, the girls in the villa began to see that Jake wasn’t as into Liberty as she thought, prompting Liberty to doubt their relationship.

This all came to a head when Liberty realised that she deserved to be with someone who really loved her for who she was, and they broke up. Following this, the pair decided to leave the villa just two episodes before the final, as they realised their Love Island journey had come to an end. This left four couples remaining; Millie and Liam; Chloe and Toby; Kaz and Tyler; and Faye and Teddy.

Meeting the parents

In Sunday’s episode, the Islanders got to reunite with two members of their friends and family. This emotional reunion also meant that the islanders were introduced to their couple’s parents, siblings or friends!

This was kicked off by Millie receiving a selfie on text of her mum and sister with Liam’s parents, before they came strolling into the villa. Some may have expected a slightly tense meeting between Liam and Millie’s family, but it ran smoothly as they could tell that he had really fallen for her and regretted his Casa Amor mistakes.

Both Chloe and Toby’s mums and sisters came to see them in another emotional meeting. It was clear where Chloe learnt her iconic behaviour as her mum strutted into the villa telling Chloe just how amazing she’d been throughout the series. Both the Islanders’ sisters poked fun at the pair for their antics on national T.V. – not something you particularly want your family seeing!

Kaz and Tyler’s family also visited, with Tyler’s dad instantly planning a big family barbecue once the islanders are out of isolation. Both Kaz’s mum and sister and Tyler’s parents got along super well, suggesting a promising future for the pair. Tyler’s mum and dad seemed pleased that Tyler managed to win Kaz back after Casa Amor, saying that she was the best girl for him in the villa.

Faye’s sister and friend came in to visit, along with Teddy’s brothers. Given Faye and Teddy’s turbulent Love Island journey, no one was surprised when there a few tense moments in this family reunion. Teddy’s brothers didn’t seem too keen on Faye after how she had treated him in the past few weeks, but the tension looked like it would fade as they got to know her better!

Love Island Prom 2021

In the final episode of the series, the Islanders were treated to dancing lessons ahead of their prom that evening. The girls then got to enjoy a spa-day where they wrote their declarations of love, while the boys wrote theirs back at the villa. In the evening, the islanders got suited and booted for a night full of dancing and declaring their love for each other. When it got to the declarations of love, Toby completely stole the show by asking Chloe to be his girlfriend, and ending his reputation for being single his whole life. Afterwards the group showed off all their new dancing skills and then some, with Toby stripping his top off, and Liam lifting Millie in the air Dirty Dancing style.

The moment of truth

Nearer the end of the episode, Laura Whitmore welcomed us to the live section of the final, as the placement of the islanders was announced. Kaz and Tyler were crowned fourth place, and Faye and Teddy in third. I really couldn’t predict who out of the final two couples could win, given the popularity of both! In the end, Chloe and Toby came in second place, while Millie and Liam were crowned the winners. In their interview with Laura Whitmore prior to being crowned, Liam asked Millie to be his girlfriend, demonstrating just how real his feelings for her are.

What have they been up to since the final?

Since leaving the villa, the finalists seem to have been keeping busy despite being in isolation at home. Millie posted a Q&A on her Instagram stories the other day as she had a break in between meetings, while Toby and Chloe are constantly posting screenshots of their facetime calls on social media. Not only that but Toby posted a TikTok using Chloe’s iconic ‘no whey’ sound that went viral while they were in the villa.

There have also been talks of the islanders living together in Essex, with the girls renting one house and the boys another – very uni-like! This seems to be a way for the couples to carry on getting to know each other without the pressure of living together, which is very sensible. I wonder which islanders will be invited into the house share, or who would rather go straight to living with their partner.

On 5th September there’s a Love Island reunion on ITV2, where I feel sure we’ll get all the latest updates and gossip about life outside the villa. Until then though, why not check out some of the older series of Love Island if you haven’t watched them yet? Maybe you could even give Love Island Australia a try.

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