The five jobs you need to consider this wellbeing week

Pairing the news that the World Health Organisation (WHO) have categorised ‘burnout’ as an official disease, and research revealing 600,000* people are suffering from work-place stress; the UK’s No1 hiring app, JOB TODAY, has shared its top five jobs likely to promote a greater work / life balance and job satisfaction this Wellbeing Week. 

New research from JOB TODAY has also revealed that 50% of Brits are considering leaving their 9 to 5 roles in a bid to pursue a more flexible lifestyle that promotes a greater work / life balance – even allowing time to pursue a side hustle! 

Dog Walking

Dog Walker - Unifresher.jpg

There’s a reason why we’re seeing a surge in dog-friendly offices in CBDs across the world. Dogs and more broadly, our furry friends are said to promote feelings of calm, security and reassurance. But, why stop there? Not only can you indulge you love for furry friends as a dog walker, but this job is envied for the balance it brings to a working life thanks to fresh air, exercise and canine companionship.


Cleaner - unifresher.jpg

Perhaps surprising for some, but cleaners are set to benefit from a great work satisfaction, noting that the results of their work is clearly visible each day. Cleaners also site the flexibility of part-time and casual roles as key – allowing for working hours that fit around family life and social commitments.

Tour Guide

Tour guide - unifresher.jpeg

The chance to see coveted sights, exercise, meet new people from across the world and soak up vitamin D each day – it’s not hard to see why the role of Tour Guide is in demand and is often snapped up via the JOB TODAY hiring app. Brits in this role have cited that not only do they regularly work with ‘happy’ customers (they’re often on holiday after all!) but a tour guide can often leave their work ‘at work’ and start again the next day – promoting a greater work / life balance.

Fitness Instructor


Keeping fit whilst at work – what’s not to love? Shift and part time working options, on-the-job training and the opportunity to carry out lucrative PT sessions are key to a happy, healthy and flexible career. This paired with the job satisfaction of helping others reach their health-goals and driving real change in people’s lives is said to offer a great euphoria for instructors.



Mixologists and bartenders sight the social and creative side of their jobs as being key to a happy working life. While a late working schedule doesn’t work for all, for many, the morning off can allow for time to catch-up on life admin, schedule workouts and enjoy time in the sun during the summer ahead of a night-shift, helping these employees achieve a great balance.

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