The stars of award season: Emerald Fennell

Another hidden star of the award season is Emerald Fennell. Emerald is an insanely talented woman who is an actress, writer, director, and producer! If you’re a fan of period dramas, then it’s likely that you have encountered Emerald Fennell before. Read on to learn about the incredible accomplishments that Emerald Fennell has achieved over the years.

Emerald’s roles in television shows:

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Emerald has starred in five TV shows. Her first television appearance was in the TV Mini-series Any Human Heart (2010), where she starred as Lottie. The next TV show that Emerald starred in was the excellent BBC show Call the Midwife (2012), where she played Nurse Patsy Mount. Speaking to Radio Times magazine, Emerald said her time on Call the Midwife from series three to six is “still one of the most incredible experiences” of her life, she exclaimed that she “learnt so much” from this series before she tackled Hollywood. Shortly after her debut in that heart-warming show, Emerald embarked on her journey into a crime drama, where she starred in Murder on the Home Front (2013), playing Issy Quennell, a crime scene photographer. The penultimate TV show that Emerald has starred in is the sitcom Chickens (2013), where she played Agnes alongside Inbetweeners actors Simon Bird and Joe Thomas. Last but certainly not least, Emerald has starred in the world-renowned historical drama series The Crown (2016), where she played the iconic Camilla Parker Bowles. Amazingly, years ago, Emerald had told her agent that if The Crown ever wanted to portray Camilla Shand (later Parker Bowles; now the Duchess of Cornwall), she’d love to audition. Emerald remarks to Vogue that she “always felt that she might be someone who maybe isn’t treated very fairly.”

Emerald’s roles in films:

Emerald has also starred in many films, from Anna Karenina (2012) to Pan (2015). She also starred in a romantic drama biography entitled The Danish Girl (2015), where she played Elsa. However, Emerald not only has significance as an actress, but she is also an incredible Director. The most recent film that she directed was Promising Young Woman (2020), where she has racked up a slew of Academy Award nominations. Ironically enough, Emerald was not present when her nominations for Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture were announced. She knew what had happened when her phone froze up with messages during a work call. Embarrassingly Emerald had to excuse herself to the person on the call and say, “I’m sorry, I have to go, I think I’ve just been nominated for an Oscar!” Emerald reacted to the news by posting a one-word response on Twitter, which read “Sobbing”. This made her the first British woman to be nominated for an Oscar in the directing category. Emerald went on to win the Best Original Screenplay award, making her the first woman to do so in a remarkable 13 years!

Emerald’s novels:  

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 This girl never stops! To Emerald’s long list of accomplishments, we can add author. Shiverton Hall, her debut novel, was published in 2013, followed by The Creeper in 2015, which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize in 2014. The middle-grade series, set in a mildly creepy (okay, incredibly creepy) boarding school, makes Emerald’s darkly humorous sensibility available to children. When she built the series’ setting, Emerald may have been influenced by her time at Oxford University. At Oxford, she studied English at Greyfriars, where she acted in university plays. Her latest novel is Monsters which was published in 2015. This novel is not as children friendly because a woman washes up on the beach of a British seaside town at the start of the novel. Many people are terrified, except for two 12-year-old friends who decide to investigate on their own. What starts out as a game quickly devolves into chaos. Click here to get a copy of Monsters for yourself!

Emerald’s family influence:

 It is no surprise that Emerald comes from an incredibly creative and successful family! Emerald’s father is jewellery and silverware designer Theo Fennell, who specialises in making whimsical and intricate rings that open to reveal additional designs. As seen in the photo above, Emerald is wearing the ‘Lips’ Opening Ring designed by her father. Louise Fennell, Emerald’s mother, is a novelist and fashion designer who has written two books about the lives of an upper-class English family. Coco, Emerald’s sister, is also a designer who produces vintage-inspired dresses intending to create “well-priced, flattering clothes.” Emerald describes her sister’s dresses as “the best dresses in the world!”


We expect that Emerald Fennell is yet to win plenty more prizes and awards! She is undoubtedly an amazingly successful woman!

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