The most dangerous universities and cities revealed

Not all universities publish their crime statistics, and whilst some say this needs to change to keep students in the UK safe, it is hard to make a direct comparison of all of the UK’s universities and institutions in terms of crime and policing incidents. The Complete University Guide (CUG) has been able to compile a table of crime stats for a number of universities via crime maps from Police UK for 2019. The table indicates the number of incidents per 1000 residents. However, the data is not specific to students but rather residents in the area, with crimes split into the following incidents:- robbery, burglary and violence and sexual offences.  It can be practically impossible to get the numbers in relation to student and university crime, but from the data released, we can get a rough idea of which cities are the most dangerous.

The University of Bradford

University of Bradford
Source: University of Bradford

With the highest number of crimes recorded per 1000 residents, the University of Bradford currently sits in the number one spot for the most reported incidents. They had 98.3 incidents per 1000 residents. 79.4 of those were violence and sexual offence related. 14.2 crimes related to burglary and the lowest crime number comes from robbery at 4.7.

Courtauld Institute of Art

The Courtauld Institute of Art
Source: The Courtauld Institute of Art

Located in London Courtauld Institute of Art is recorded as the second worst institution for crime. Even though  London may be the city that most would guess to have the highest crime rate. The data does not record every university and institution in London. This art school has a recorded crime rate of 96.2 people per 1000 residents. The highest type of crime for this area comes from violence and sexual offences at 64.1 and 17.7 is from burglary with the remaining 14.5 reporting robbery crimes in the area.

Solent University – Southampton

Solent University Southampton
Source: Solent University

This university in Southampton comes at number three on this most dangerous list. Per 1000 residents there were 85.4 people that reported crimes in the area between May of 2018 and April 2019. Of these the highest number once again comes from violence and sexual crimes at 69.2 people, whilst burglary and robbery come in considerably lower at 12.2 and 4.0 people respectively.

Leeds Arts University

Leeds Arts university
Source: The Times Higher Education

Another arts university sits in fourth position on the list. Again sexual violence crimes account for the majority of crimes reported in the area with 63.4 residents reporting these out of the entire 84.5 crimes recorded in the area. Robbery comes in at a lower 5.2 reports and burglary at 15.9 recorded incidents per 1000 residents.

London School of Economics

London School of Economics and Political Science

Sitting at the halfway point on this list of the most dangerous university and student areas is another London based school – The London School of Economics. According to CUG’s data for 2018-19, 83.7 people per 1000 residents reported a crime in the local area. Of these, 51.2 residents reported a violent or sexual offence whilst 19.6 reported burglary and 12.9 people reported a robbery.

Teesside University – Middlesbrough

Teesside University logo
Source: Teesside University

Teeside University in Middlesbrough, sits just out of the top five, at number six. The data suggests that during the period surveyed 82.0 people per 1000 residents in the area reported a crime, a high number of those coming from violence and sexual crimes again. 14.6 recorded a burglary to the police and 2.7 people, reported a robbery.

University of Central Lancashire

UCLAN logo
Source: University of Central Lancashire

The University of Central Lancashire is at number seven on this list. Per 1000 residents there were 79.5 people that reported an incident to the police. 63.8 people reported a violent or sexual offence, whilst 13.6 of reports were related to burglary and 2.2 people disclosed a robbery.

University of Manchester

Manchester University logo
Source: The University of Manchester

As one of the most popular universities in Britain, you would expect for the University of Manchester to pop up on this list at some point. But, are some of you surprised it sits quite so low on the list at number eight? This uni only has 77.9 recorded incidents per 1000 residents. Of these, just under half (49.0), were related to sexual and violence crimes whilst 19.6 were for burglary and 9.3 were for robbery.

Royal Northern College of Music

Royal Northern College of Music Logo
Source: Royal Northern College of Music

In the city of Manchester also is the Royal Northern College of Music. This sits in number nine on this list. In the area surrounding the music school, 75.0 people per 1000 residents reported a crime. 50.4 of these were sexual and violence related and 14.1 were burglary, the remaining 10.5 people were surrounding robbery.

Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

The Liverpool Institute for Performing Art
Source: The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

In the final spot on the list for the most dangerous university and student areas is yet another performing arts school. In the area around the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts per 1000 residents, 72.1 people reported a crime. 57.2 of these people disclosed a crime of a sexual and violent sort, and 10.8 people reported burglary. Only 4.1 people of 1000 recorded robbery.

This list is definitely not conclusive, especially when it comes to 2020/21 intakes. However, the data is taken from official sources, like o It is also important to remember that the data does not survey university or student-related crimes in particular as no such data exists, but rather that of the crimes recorded per 1000 residents in the immediate local areas to each of the institutions listed.

For more information on how the table is compiled visit the CUG website. Whilst this list compiled the most dangerous student areas and universities, it may interest you to know, the top five institutions with the lowest recorded crime rates are also available on the table compiled by CUG: Royal Agricultural University – Gloucestershire, Harper Adams – Shropshire, University of Buckingham, Falmouth University and finally Rose Bruford College in Sidcup, Kent.

Whether this changes your decision on where to attend university or not, do take note of each university’s security measures and stay safe wherever you are.

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