beer garden necessities

The seven beer garden necessities for surviving British weather

Finally, after a long wait, people can breathe a sigh of relief and think of socialising outdoors, keeping in mind Coronavirus restrictions. It is the perfect weather and diners are keen to eat, drink and be merry in Britain. While the temperature in the following days looks decent, you can never really trust the British weather. We have collated some necessities for you to enjoy your favourite beer gardens that are opening and going to be buzzing very soon with lots of people.

1. Hand Sanitiser

beer garden necessities

Hand ssanitisers are key essential items that must be in your bag. Indulge in some lovely flavours and pocket-friendly sizes and prices because let’s face it, you don’t like the ssanitisers in the pubs and restaurants. They smell bizarre and are also harsh to the skin. Buy those that also kill bacteria and virus effectively and keep it handy.

2. Moisturiser

beer garden necessities

Since we talked about stocking on hand sanitisers, don’t forget that these and regularly washing hands can prove harsh for your skin. Therefore, it is also essential to invest in moisturisers and good hand creams to keep the softness in your hands intact.

3. Replenish your medicine cabinet

beer garden necessities

Since the weather is sunshine and spring, the instant changes could make your nose stuffy, and you could fall sick, which is not the best-case scenario in these times. Stock on some hay fever medicines as well as some basic pain killers. Since we are talking about the change in season, and because the weather calls for outdoors, you should also be prepared with your sunscreens as the sun can get very hot and might even burn the skin. Another important thing is insect repellents, you never know a mosquito makes you its food, and you end up with rashes.

4. Animal/ Insect Repellents in the garden

beer garden necessities

Summer also brings with it insects and bees, and it is essential for beer gardens to keep its customers safe from the insects from stinging them or animals interrupting their outdoor fun. There are humane options available to prevent animals and insects from destroying the beer gardens.

5. Wind-proof umbrellas

beer garden necessities

Irrespective of the weather, an umbrella is an important British weather necessity. You never know when clouds could shade the sun, and you have heavy rain. So, always keep it handy.

6. Jacket/throw to keep yourself warm

beer garden necessities

It is also useful to keep something to help you warm since you cannot predict the weather here; while you fancy a beer mug, the winds suddenly start blowing at high speed, and it gets cold. It is better to always have a light, compact jacket or a throw to warm yourself when in need.

7. Handheld- fans or ice packs

beer garden necessities
Source: Road Affair

Since the British summer is getting hotter year by year, it is not a bad idea to invest in a small, handheld fan. It might come in use considering the heatwaves the UK is predicted to face this year as well. Or you could also get ice- packs that cool you for when the sun gets unbearable.

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