The strangest memes of the man sitting in the chair

They’re everywhere. It’s unreal. For anyone who is wondering who this bizarre old man in hand-knitted mittens is, it’s American politician Bernie Sanders. Who is now a viral meme thanks to his grumpy positioning in a camp chair at President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January. So we’ve collected our favourites, and have made a list of the strange memes of the man sitting in the chair.

1. Bernie as the King of Westeros

2. Even some stars are involved, with Paramore considering a rebrand of this album

3. Some people are just helping him spread his campaign – through street view

4. US Senator? Try King of the Pridelands

man sitting meme
Source: TechTimes

5. Who knew Forrest Gump was good friends with a US Senator? Not us.

man sitting meme
Source: cutacut

6. He may look approachable – but don’t be fooled. You can’t sit with him.

bernie sanders meme
Source: 8newsnow

7. Unless you’re dreamy Edward Cullen

man sitting meme
Source: Screen Rant

8. Move aside Baby Yoda, Mittens are here to stay

man sitting chair
Source: Screen Rant

9. But all joking aside, we love Bernie. We know he’ll be there for us, when the rain starts to fall

bernie sanders meme
Source: screenrant

10. And to be honest, he’s just a whole mood – we’ve all had one of those meetings


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