The Top 10 Best Clubbing Cities in the UK Revealed 

The Top 10 Best Clubbing Cities in the UK Revealed!

 The UK is famous worldwide for its vast clubbing culture. Indeed, every city contains at least one nightlife hotspot and there’s something to suit everyone, whether you are looking for a rave or a Latino music-inspired club night. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down the list to find out what are the top 10 best clubbing cities in the UK in 2022.

10. Glasgow 

Give me a drum roll for the city in 10th position on this list. Despite often living in the shadow of Edinburgh, Glasgow remains the unchallenged Scottish clubbing hotspot. In fact, with a wide range of venues throughout the city Glasgow caters to the need of anyone seeking to have a great time. 

glasgow best club
Source: The Garage, Glasgow

9. Birmingham

It’s the hometown of Black Sabbath and it has not one, but five universities. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Brummies take pride in their vibrant nightlife. One of the many students in Birmingham mentioned  Broad Street as a must-go. Also, don’t forget the reasonable price because that is just the cherry on top for Birmingham.

pryzm club birmingham
Source: Pryzm Birmingham

8. Liverpool 

Following on, we have another city with a strong musical heritage. In fact, Liverpool beats Birmingham because due to its more compact size and overall safety. Students seem to love Mathew Street, an unbeaten clubbing paradise. 

club liverpool
Source: LBC: Circus club night

7. Brighton 

Blessed by a sunny, sandy seaside, and a reputation for tolerance Brighton, well deserves 7th place as the best clubbing city. Indeed, Brighton offers a notable nightlife: alternative, cheap and most importantly fun, with Cocoloco (Every Wednesday, at Coalition,£2 ticket) being an unmissable club night for those who enjoy Latino inspired music. Check our article on the best student nights in Brighton: what to do for every day of the week for more information.

coaltion club brighton
Source: Coalition Brighton

6. Manchester 

Next up, we have another city with a strong music connection (Oasis anyone?) and a world-famous football team! In fact, this information alone confirms that the Mancunians are experts in taking advantage of living in a big European city can. Canal and Charles Street, are often considered clubbing hotspots for students in Manchester. However, be careful in Manchester is one of the most expensive cities for night out- but the price is totally worth it!

The Top 10 Best Clubbing Cities in the UK Revealed 
Source: Visit Manchester. Canal street

5. Bristol  

Wanna go out on a Monday? Checked. Wanna have one of the wildest club nights in the UK? Checked. Do you want to spend no more than a fiver on tickets? Checked. Indeed, BED at Gravity is the reason why Bristol is one of the most sought after clubbing destinations. Progressive, home to a vibrant student community, Bristol definitely knows how to party, and totally deserves to be called the 5th best clubbing city in the UK.

The Top 10 Best Clubbing Cities in the UK Revealed 
Source: Gravity Bristol

 4. Sheffield 

Home to two rival Universities, students love Sheffield and why wouldn’t they? From the iconic venues in the clubbing hub, West Street, to the underground events in Kelham Island Sheffield shall satisfy even the most niche clubbing needs. Plus, if that wasn’t enough the University of Sheffield Student offers their own weekly club nights, with Pop-Tarts featuring as an all-time favourite.

The Top 10 Best Clubbing Cities in the UK Revealed 
Source: Code Sheffield

3. Leeds

 Always featuring in the top tens for a night out, Leeds truly deserves the 3rd place as the best clubbing city. Famous for raves, Leeds is a big vibrant city. In fact, during the day the high street perfectly hides the youthful chaos of a city with four universities. Big names including the likes of the Hifi club allow Leeds to keep its reputation as the Capital of the North.

Key club leeds
Source: Key Club Leeds

2. Newcastle

Next up is Newcastle. It’s the city where Geordie Shore takes place and it is repeatedly voted one of the best student cities in the UK. With a widespread reputation as a party hub do I need to say more? Check out our list of the best bars in Newcastle for 2-4-1 cocktails to start your night off.

clubs newcastle
Source: Digital, Newcastle

1. London

Of course, no list would not be completed without London. Featuring classic names including the likes of Ministry of Sound, London offers a fantastic range of nightlife. Therefore, it’s really to be worth being called one of the best in the UK. However, everyone will complain about the price but what can you say … It’s London. Check out our list of the best live music venues in London for an alternative night out. 

clubs in London
Source: Ministry of Sound

So, there you have it: those are the Top 10 Best Clubbing Cities in the UK Revealed. Which UK city is your favourite for a night out? Share your thoughts in the comments. Likewise, check out our list of the hardest partying universities in the UK for more tips on where to go!

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