The top 10 memes from the Colin vs Cuthbert case

Over the last few days, the internet has been abuzz with the hashtag #FreeCuthbert and photos of our childhood caterpillar birthday cakes, but Cuthbert the Caterpillar is in a lot of legal trouble, as M&S, home to Collin the Caterpillar, which they first created in 1990, is suing Aldi.

The whole case is shocking, and whilst many of us are confused since every supermarket has its own version of the classic caterpillar cake, we have been blessed with some hilarious memes. Here are the top 10 memes from the Colin vs Cuthbert case!

1. Cuthbert has some new packaging

Credit: Facebook

The latest legal proceedings have left Cuthbert caged; if only he could turn into a butterfly and escape.

2. Live from the courtroom

Credit: Facebook

We have been granted exclusive access to the court, and this is what’s going on.

3. Ann Summers to the rescue?

Credit: Facebook

In case things take a turn for the worse, it won’t be long before Cuthbert can swap his handcuffs for some a little more pink and fluffy.

4. Who’s chipping in?

Credit: Facebook

It’s hard to believe that a £4.99 cake could wrack up such a hefty legal bill, but here we are…

5. Exhibit….O?

Credit: Facebook

With a tasty cake at the centre of the scandal, Cuthbert may not have long left, meaning he may go to jail or face the stomachs of hungry lawyers.

6. There’s only one person to tell this story

Credit: Facebook

After all the chaos is over, there is only one woman who can help Cuthbert tell his story.

7. Or maybe two?

Credit: Facebook

This could be the Netflix Documentary that we never knew we needed but now could not live without.

8. Revenge is afoot

Credit: Twitter

It appears that there are caterpillar cakes gathering across the nation to seek vengeance for the treatment of Cuthbert!

9. Cuthbert who?

Credit: Facebook

Until the case is over, Caterpillar cakes have chosen to remain incognito…

10. Marks and Snitches

Credit: MyLondon

Cuthbert is not taking these acusations likely…

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