UK unis with the most single students

The UK unis with the most single students: Ranked

Counting down from 10, here are the unis with the most single students.

Are you looking for love? Sick of spending Valentine’s alone and third-wheeling on coffee dates? Well, your university choice may just solve your problem! According to UniHomes, almost a third of students meet the love of their lives at university. That’s 1 in every 3 getting lucky!

Likewise, in a lecture hall of 100 people, around 30 of them are set to be hitched (even possibly to the person they were sitting next to!)  Additionally, a fifth of students move in with their significant other whilst still studying at university. That’s a big move, but UniHomes state that just over half of these students say that they’re in it for the long haul. Those who graduate together, stay together!

So, perhaps you’re a singleton reading this and feeling like you’re the other two-thirds that will never find love? Don’t worry, there is hope! We have compiled a list of the universities with the most single students. The more single people, the more your chances are of finding the one, right?

Remember, there are plenty more fish in the sea; some universities just have more fish.

10. Waverley’s University for the Creative Arts: 26.9%

Single Students - Waverley’s University
Source: UKEAS

Firstly, with this fairly low single population, there might be a few more cringey first dates in store for you before you find the one. However, you’ve got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince- right?

9. St. Andrews (Fife): 31.6%

Next on our list; it seems that Cupid’s arrow is flying high in St. Andrews. In fact, he’s got 31.6% of people to hit (and you could be next!)

8. Durham: 32.4%

Durham has over 30% of single students. It sure is a scenic location to have a wedding- just saying! What’s more, it’s number 1 on our list of universities with the cheapest pint. Therefore, any dates don’t need to set you back much cash.

7. Nottingham: 51.3%

Maybe all your relationship wishes will come true at Nottingham, with 51.3% of single students all waiting to walk into their s/o (cue book drop). What’s more, it’s a pretty social uni. In fact, Nottingham scored highly on our list of the universities with the best student life.

6.Nottingham Trent: 51.3%

Next up is Nottingham Trent. This university also has over 50% of singletons: Eigible bachelors- reveal yourselves!

7.Oxford Brookes: 53.8%

Next up, located in the picturesque Oxford, every other person you meet here will be single. An abundance of lonely hearts to choose from.

4. The University of Manchester: 54.9%

Following on, they say “you’ll find love when you stop looking.” However, at the University of Manchester, you need not look as hard. In fac, over half of the students are single.

3.The University College London: 54.9%

Located in Camden, UCL is one of the best universities in London.However, best of all is the fact it has a high student population of singletons at 54.9%. Is that wedding bells I can hear?

2. SOAS University of London: 54.9%

Next up on our list; no more Valentine’s spent alone at SOAS. In fact, the single population here amounts to a whopping 54.9%! Netflix and chill sessions will no longer be scarce.

1. Queen Mary University of London: 55.3%

Single Students - Queen Mary University
Source: NCUK

Finally, it’s the one you’ve all been waiting for. It seems that Queen Mary is your best bet for finding love as it’s the uni with the highest single population.  You’ll be spoiled for choice!


So, that’s a wrap up for the universities with the most single students. Whichever university you chose, we have no doubt that you’ll find a plethora of single people. Love may be just around the corner for you, whether that be in SOAS or Nottingham! In fact, the uni lifestyle is also a great time to be single. You can really let your hair down and march to the beat of your own drum. Especially, there are no parents or partners telling you what to do! So, if you meet someone to warm those lonely nights or not, uni will still be an amazing experience.

What’s more, who knows? “The one” could be sat right in front of you in your first uni lecture… how exciting!


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