The UK universities with the worst social life: ranked

Admit it, we’ve all had our dreams about what university would be like before enrolling. Hollywood, television and social media are largely to blame for this impression. We fed into that cinematic fantasy in return, exacerbating it by compiling stories from our elders of what “uni” was like.  The Venn diagram of the university experience generally according to these stories consisted of romance, nightlife drama and of very limited studying.

Unfortunately, what most of these exaggerated reports fail to highlight was that there are plenty of universities where a vibrant social life isn’t the reality. In fact, these are the UK universities with the worst social life!

9. Surrey

Surrey isn’t a bad university. In fact it’s pretty impressive, a long respected uni renowned for biomedical science. However its excellence doesn’t seem to reach to its local bars and clubs.

Surrey University, UK universities with the worst social life

8. London universities (all of them!)

Socialising at a London university isn’t as easy as it seems. The nightlife in London is notoriously expensive, as will be most other social activities – spend your student loan wisely!!!!

Like many of us, you may end up studying at a London university anyway, if you do, come prepared!

7. Plymouth Marjon University

Plymouth Marjon University does not have good reviews. Being titled as one of the UK’s universities with the worst social life must be earned. Take our word for it, we’ve even made a TikTok because it’s so glaringly obvious!

Jokes aside making friends at uni can be quite nerve-wrecking! Here are 5 top tips for making friends!

 Plymouth Marjon University, UK universities with the worst social life


York was a tough one. Whilst there were several complaints about the Universities’ social life, there were just as many defenders. So who knows? You may need to go see for yourselfJ.

5. Durham

It’s hard enough getting accepted into Durham let alone their pubs and clubs. To be fair upon further inspection Durham’s club scene didn’t seem that bad but the mixed reviews said otherwise.

Durham University Students

4. Warwick

The bars and clubs in Warwick could be better, your best bet is finding out if any students are hosting house parties.

For student’s eager to discover the booming nightlife, you might be in for a disappointment.

3. Bath

It didn’t take long to find scathing reviews about Bath. Isolation and loneliness featured frequently in reviews which isn’t a good sign. Work hard play hard doesn’t appear to be a thing here, we guess it’s just work hard.

Bath University Students

2. Brunel University London

In second position is Brunel– another London university (but not really). The majority of Brunel’s social appeal was attached to the club Atik which was 10 minutes away and boasted mixed reviews. Unfortunately due to COVID Atik has closed down leaving Brunel barren.

1. Oxford

We’re afraid Oxford takes the cake for the university with the worst social life. This is due to a combination of things. MP David Lammy criticised Oxford for letting in the least amount of ethnic minority students – an uncomfortable prospect.

The nightlife is minimal, spread out by a few locations for socialising. This in addition to the pressure at excelling at a prestigious university is a recipe for disaster.

Oxford University Students

We’ve given you a detailed list of universities with the worst social life

This was only possible through extensive research (TikTok and our own tragic university experiences)

As much as your parents and tutors would like to claim, university is not all books and lectures. Your social life will be an Integral part of your experience. With this information please research the universities you plan on going to. Are there nice bars, how are the reviews, campus events? These things are all crucial for you to enjoy your time studying. For a nice change in the mood please check out our picks for the universities with the best student life! You’ve been warned!!!!

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