The Universities that take the most drugs revealed part 3

Continued from part 2

10. Plymouth 88%

Plymouth didn’t do badly in our ranking of the top 25 hardest partying unis, but they’ve stepped up their game here, coming in the top ten for number of students who have taken drugs. Not sure this is a good thing

9. Bournemouth 88%

8. Aberdeen 88%

Aberdeen seem like a pretty mental lot. They came sixth in our top 25 hardest partying unis list, and they’re in the top ten again this time around.

7. Nottingham Trent 89%

Maybe polys really do have more fun? Or not

6. Leicester 90%

We already knew Leicester students were a pretty kinky bunch, but we didn’t know their alternative lifestyle extended to taking this many drugs, too. The city that won the Premier League got pretty damn close to topping the drug-taking uni league, too.

5. Leeds 90%

It may have just missed out on being named the UK’s hardest partying universities, but Leeds students are continuing to prove they love nightlife.

4. Northumbria 91%

Northumbria missed out on our top 50 list for the sportiest unis, and we think we know why now – with 91 per cent of their students taking drugs, they probably don’t have too much energy left for exercising after all that gurning.

3. Manchester 91%

Ah, Manchester. So close but yet so far. They came second as the kinkiest uni in the UK, and now the Mancs are scooping up silver (well, joint silver) once again for being the druggiest. Practice makes perfect, guys, you’ll get gold one year.

2. John Moores 91%

When John Lennon is your most famous former student you’ve got a lot of heritage in the drug-taking ranks. John Moores has just missed out on the top spot but is way ahead of Uni of (which will ease the pain).

1. UWE 92% of students have taken drugs

There might be a whole host of people who claim that UoB are better than their city rivals, but University of the West of England students have topped this table pretty definitively. With 92 per cent of its students reporting to have taken drugs, they definitely seem like the more fun of the two Bristol unis… Can we say that?

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