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Students can spend so long looking forward to starting university that they can become blind sighted by all the responsibilities they will soon have, such as their financial responsibilities of paying for their tuition fees, accommodation rent, and living costs, as well as registering with a doctor, arranging childcare, and declaring a disability. To make sure students know everything they need to do and who to contact for help for any reason at any point during their studies, here are all the people you may need to contact for support at The University of Strathclyde…

For Help:


Phone: 0141 548 3454


Phone: 0141 548 4125.

Disability & Dyslexia

Phone: 0141 548 3402

Faith & Spirituality

Phone: 0141 548 4144.

Fees & Finance



Parade Group Practice
Phone: 0141 414 6600

Townhead Medical Practice
Phone: 0141 483 1740

International Students

Phone: 0141 548 4273

Student complaints & Academic appeals


Business School Email:
Faculty of Engineering Email:
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Email:
Faculty of Science Email:




Phone: 0141 548 3402


Choosing where you are going to be living is one of the most exciting and important choices you will need to make when you start university. Most students choose to live in either university-managed accommodation or in private student accommodation.

At The University of Strathclyde, there are a variety of different accommodations available for students to make sure there is something for everyone. Students can decide to live in a flat of 3 to 8 students, and whether they want an ensuite or a shared bathroom. The different accommodation buildings also range in contract length and cost from £104 to £141 per week.

Living in university-managed accommodation is a great way for students to make friends, and the team at Strathclyde organise plenty of events throughout the year for the student community.

To contact the accommodation team you can call them on 0141 548 3454 or email them at


To make sure that students can focus on their studies and staff can focus on their work, The University of Strathclyde has an on-campus nursery that cares for children from a few months old to five years old. The nursery only has limited spaces available so it is best to register your interest in plenty of time.

For members of staff, daily sessions last from 8 am to 6 pm, and range in price from £35.15 to £37.85 depending on the child age. Whereas for children weekly rates range from £130 to £135.

Full-time students attending the university are also able to apply for help with registered childcare costs from the Childcare Fund in the form of a grant, as long as their children are under the age of 15, or under 17 if they have special educational needs.

To contact the Nursery Manager, Eileen Tinning, you can call her on 0141 548 4125.

Disability and Dyslexia

The disability team at The University of Strathclyde have a range of advisers with specialist expertise in all areas of disability, health and counselling. The team can offer students a range of services including one to one assessments of their needs, Psycho-Educational group programmes, one to one counselling, mentoring, assistive technology provision, and adjustments to their teaching and assessments.

They can also help students apply for a disabled students allowance, which is additional funding for students with disabilities to help them pay for extra costs they may face because of their disability, such as specialist equipment.

To contact the disability team you can email them at or call them on 0141 548 3402 between 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday.

Faith & Spirituality

The University of Strathclyde has a team of voluntary chaplains on campus to provide faith and spiritual support to the university community. The chaplains provide pastoral and social support to students and staff of all faith communities, including Jewish, Humanist, Sikh, Muslim and Catholic. Chaplains can also help students and staff with bereavement support and hospital visits.

The chaplaincy also has a sacred space available which can be used for worship, prayer, meditation and reflection. There is also faith led student societies, such as the Catholic Society, The Christian Union and The Muslim Student Association.

To get in touch with the chaplaincy you can email them at or call them on 0141 548 4144.

Fees and Finance

University students have a lot of financial responsibility no matter where they study. Students need to pay their tuition fees, accommodation rent, living costs, travel costs, and any other day to day costs they may incur. Which is why most students apply for a student loan to cover their tuition costs and a maintenance loan to cover their living costs.

To help students with their finances, The University of Strathclyde has a financial support team to help students with their finances. Students can also apply for a variety of fund to help them with their financial costs, such as the discretionary fund, childcare fund or the universities emergency aid fund.

To get in touch with the funding and financial support team you can email them at


When students start at The University of Strathclyde they should register with a doctor straight away rather than waiting until they are ill. Most of the universities students live in the Parade Group Practice or Townhead Medical Practice Areas.

If your postcode begins with G1, G2, G3, G4, G21,G31 or G33 you should register with the Parade Group Practice, who you can call on 0141 414 6600.

If your postcode begins with G1.1, G1.5, G21.1, G21.2, G21.3, G21.4, G31.2, G31.3, G32.6, G33.2, or G4.0 you should register with the Townhead Medical Practice, who you can call on 0141 483 1740.

International Students

The University of Strathclyde is a 5 star QS-rated university, and was the UK University of 2019 according to Times Higher Education Awards, so its not wonder they have students choose to study there from all over the world. The international team can help international students with all areas of their time at university, including their living arrangements, visa, and employment.

To get in touch with the international student support team you can email them at or call them on 0141 548 4273.

Student complaints and academic appeals

Members of the university can complain in person, by phone, in writing or even through email as long as it is within 6 months of the event you want to complain about. Once a complaint is made, The University of Strathcylde will launch an investigation and offer a resolution. Students are able to complain about the quality of facilities, standard of university services, the standards of academic services, and unfair treatment from another student or staff member. Students can not complain about a decision of an academic appeal, a request under the freedom of information act, or a routine/first time request for a service.

To get in touch with the students complaints team you can email them at s at

Students at The University of Strathclyde can request an academic appeal is they have grounds to do so, such as an inadequate assessment, prejudice, bias, procedural irregularities, medical or personal circumstances. Students should also submit their appeal and supporting evidence within two weeks of them receiving the grade/mark/classifcation that they are appealing.

Appeals should be sent to the school of each course, to send your appeal to the Business School you should email them at, or at for the Faculty of Engineering, for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, or for the Faculty of Science.


Volunteering is a great way for a student to learn new skills, support a good cause, and make new friends all whilst boosting your cv. Students at The University of Strathcylde who volunteer are also eligible for a volunteer discount code if they have logged 20 hours of volunteering. The card provides students with 10% discount within the Union towards food, alcoholic and soft drinks, hoodies, coffee and more.

The university also hold the STAR awards which is a volunteer awards ceremony where nominated volunteers are rewarded for their hard efforts and participation. They also have volunteering achievements records available which are given to students alongside their academic transcripts at their graduation.

To get in touch with the volunteering team you can email them at


Studying can seem like the most important thing in the world when you are a student, but taking care of yourself is just important. Students should remember to look after their physical and mental health, as well as to eat healthily. The wellbeing team at The University of Strathclyde have all sorts of services available to help students with all areas of their life which may be negatively affecting their time at university.

To contact the wellbeing team you can email them at or call them on 0141 548 3402 between 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday.

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