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These are the 11 easiest degrees to study in the UK

Have you ever wondered what the easiest degrees to study in the UK are? We have- In fact, getting a degree, without spending every waking hour studying is exactly what we’re after. Now we have to be honest here, the easiest degree is going to be the one that you have the most natural talent for. However, there are some degrees with lower entry requirements and fewer exams than others. So, if you’re applying to university this year and aren’t sure what course to study then look no further. These are the easiest degrees that you can study at university.

11. Media Studies

These are the 11 easiest degrees to study in the UK
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Media Studies comes up time and time again as one of the easier degrees to study, however, it can be an incredibly useful subject. In this degree, you’ll learn how the media influences and reflects our society and you’ll develop plenty of analysis and research skills. If you’re interested, you can apply to study at Canterbury Christ Church for 88 UCAS points or Teeside Univesity for 96 UCAS points.

10. Hospitality management

Hospitality Management is a degree that’s popular all around the world these days. Plus it often has lower entry requirements than most. It will help you develop key business skills, as well as gain knowledge of key hospitality legalisation and procedures. It’s a great option if you’d like to go into hospitality management or a business position in the future. Study options include- the University of South Wales with 80 UCAS points and Canterbury Christ Church for 88.

9. English Literature

If you enjoy settling down with a good book, then a degree in English Literature will be like a walk in a park.  English Lit demands a lot of writing and analysis but it is an incredibly creative and rewarding subject for those who love to read. Unlike other subjects like the sciences, there are no right or wrong answers in an English lit paper. It’s all about how well you shape your argument and back your points up. If you are unsure what you want to do after university, then English lit can open up a lot of doors. Some examples include being a writer, teacher, editor or publicist. The English literature degrees with the lowest entry requirements include the University of Derby, Liverpool Hope and Swansea University for 72 UCAS points.

8. Education

These are the 11 easiest degrees to study in the UK
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Education degree graduates tend to move into teaching which can be a diverse and rewarding career. In your studies, you will look at education in different social, economic and political contexts and develop teaching skills. Some of the universities with the lowest entry requirements for Education include Newman University for 48 points or Leeds Trinity and Cardiff Met for 32 UCAS points.

7. Music

Music degrees are growing in popularity and there are more and more specialisms to choose from these days. If you are musically talented then this degree will be a no brainer for you. Graduates go on to do a range of jobs such as an actor, a production assistant, sound engineer and public relations assistant. Universities with the lowest entry requirements for Music include Liverpool Hope University for 72 UCAS points or the University of East London for 64.

6. Graphic Design

Likewise, if you are creatively minded then you might want to consider a degree in Graphic Design. Degrees tend to focus on the importance of ideas based thinking when applied to branding, identity design, packaging and digital design. It’s on our list for easiest degrees because some entry requirements are lower. For example, you can study Graphic Design at the University of Chester if you have 72-78 UCAS points, or at the University of South Wales with 80 points.

5. Philosophy

These are the 11 easiest degrees to study in the UK
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Philosophy can be a really fascinating degree and a good choice if you wanted to keep your options open after university. In fact, philosophy majors often go on to work as lawyers, bankers, counsellors, business leaders or teachers. There are plenty of universities that you can study this degree at in the UK, with lower UCAS points. For example, Canterbury Christ Church University asks for a minimum of 88 points, while the University of Central Lancashire asks for 64.

4. Anthropology

Are you interested in what makes people act the way that they do? Well, anthropology sets out to investigate human society; from the physical evolution of the brain to political, cultural and linguistic practices. If you like the sound of this, you can study a degree in Anthropology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David for 96 UCAS points.

3. Creative Writing

If you love writing, then a degree in Creative Writing will be a breeze for you. The University of South Wales runs an English and Creative writing BA Hons with an entrance requirement of 80 UCAS points. Additionally, Canterbury Christ Church asks for applications to have a minimum of 88 UCAS points. There are also plenty of short courses and foundation years available for creative writing, which is something else to bear in mind.

2.  Make up

These are the 11 easiest degrees to study in the UK
Source: Canva

Hair and make-up degrees offer students the practical skills to work in a range of industries such as fashion, theatre and entertainment. Graduates go on to a range of roles such as a bridal makeup artist, a theatrical and performance make-up artist, a beauty writer, or working in special effects makeup. There are a lot of universities that you can study for a makeup degree at. These include University College Birmingham for 80 UCAS and Southampton Solent University for 48.

1. Liberal Arts

If you don’t want a degree that forces you to specialise then a Liberal Arts one may be the best option. This degree can set you up for a range of roles in the future such as journalism, working as a museum curator, or in marketing, business and politics. In general, the degree is designed to help you improve key skills such as communication, problem-solving and critical thinking. Study this degree at the University of Lancashire for 64 UCAS points, Birbeck (University of London) for 48, with a foundation year or Keele University for 40.

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