most environmentally friendly uni in UK

These are the most environmentally friendly uni’s in the UK

It’s no secret that universities have pledged to go greener amid increased concerns over climate change in recent years. Some universities still have a way to go to fulfil their promises (if you’re curious you can find a link to our article on the least environmentally friendly universities here. But thankfully, some uni’s are picking up the slack and pulling their (green) thumbs out to do their bit for the planet. Want to see if your uni made the top five? Then check out our list of the most environmentally-friendly universities in the UK below, as assessed by People and Planet.

Number 5- Cardiff Metropolitan University

Named by Times Higher Education as University of the Year 2021, Cardiff University is really cleaning up when it comes to sustainability. Their comprehensive environmental policies have scored this uni the number 5 spot on our list of the most environmentally-friendly universities in the UK. Clearly, Cardiff Met is clearly taking the climate crisis seriously. The uni has established a solid sustainability policy partnering with students, governments and businesses to create lasting environmental benefits. Keep it up, Cardiff Met!

These are the most environmentally friendly universities in the UK
Source: Times Higher Education

Number 4-De Montfort University

Scoring an impressive total score of 78.1%, De Montfort University is not only one of the leading unis for art and design in the UK-it is now a leading environmental one too. Based in Leicester, the uni claims to be prioritising a practical based sustainability strategy. Their website vouches to ‘turn words and targets into affordable technology while changing the behaviour of people and organisations’ to create a greener campus. Perhaps a key component to the uni’s success is their revamped ‘green courses’ which educate on sustainable practices. Schools such as Fashion and Textiles are helping shape the next steps of the industry by teaching the detrimental impact of fast fashion. Way to set a trend, DMU!

These are the most environmentally friendly universities in the UK

Number 3-Nottingham Trent University

Next up, one of our hardest partying unis, Nottingham Trent University, has been setting standards for other uni’s environmental policies for years. In 2016, Trent was named by People and Planet as the most sustainable uni in the UK. Although since then they have dropped down to third best, their commitment to the environment hasn’t faltered. Trent scored particularly strong in the category of Education, and it’s no surprise! In fact, Trent was one of the first unis ever to integrate SGDs into their curriculum! We have a feeling Trent will be trying to reclaim that top spot in years to come. Watch this space!

These are the most environmentally friendly universites in the UK
Source: Nottingham Trent University

Number 2-King’s College London

Almost nabbing the top spot is King’s College London, scoring an admirable 79.5% in People and Planet’s assessment. The uni even managed to score 100% in an impressive three categories, including Sustainability Staff, Auditing & EMS and Education. In fact, students at King’s recently supported a policy calling for fully plant-based meals at university. Their website states that ‘The university has various policies and systems to provide the framework for all our work. Whether it be in relation to energy saving, waste and recycling or sustainable transport and to help ensure that we operate in an environmentally sustainable way’. Talk about cleaning up!

These are the most environmentally friendly universities in the UK
Source: The Independent

Number 1-Manchester Metropolitan University

Topping the chart on our list of most environmentally-friendly universities is none other than Manchester Metropolitan University! Given that Man Met has placed in the top three for 7 years running, it’s a well-deserved win. The most admirable part of Man Met’s sustainability policy? Their commitment to keep improving. They have stated on their website ‘there is [still] much more to do: we aim to build on our position, becoming a global leader that charts a path for others to follow.’ If all unis were as against complacency as Man Met is, the world would certainly be a much greener place!

These are the most environmentally friendly universities in the UK
Source: Manchester Metropolitan University

A huge congratulations to the unis who made it onto our list of the most environmentally-friendly universities! If you’re curious where your uni ranked, you can check out People and Planet University League here!

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