These are the UK clothing stores with student discounts

Finding it difficult to find a fit on a budget? It can be very expensive buying clothes as a student (especially on student loan). Where does the money go? Between accommodation fees, books and social activities, it can be a nightmare! This is where student discounts come in. That percentage taken off each item truly can be the difference between emptying your basket or not. We can’t wait to show our compiled list of the best UK clothing stores with student discounts! 

River Island

It truly does seem as though every River Island store is next to a university, just waiting to draw poor students in! This is forgivable, thanks to their generous discounts.

Using unidays or student beans will give you access to a yearlong discount. This establishes River Island as one of the UK clothing stores with the best student discounts.


ASOS student discount
Source: ASOS

Where’s that from? Odds are its ASOS. Since opening in June 2000, ASOS has wowed customers with exciting and stylish clothes. It has become a global giant thanks to their website which is constantly updated with new items. If you’re a student looking for nice clothes without breaking the bank, add ASOS to your list of UK clothing stores with student discounts.

You can start the process here!


Boohoo is well known for their fashionable clothing, students will be relieved to find that they also offer a student discount. Furthermore, Boohoo distinguishes itself by also being environmentally friendly. Their selection of recycled clothing allows you to be eco-friendly whilst saving money.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters student discount
Source: Urban Outfitters

You can discover plenty of eclectic apparel at urban outfitters. Due to their trendy aesthetic, some of their items can be considered pricy.  While this may be true the student discount available makes this more palatable.   

If you’re in the frugal mood, here are even more student discounts for you to take advantage of in the UK!


Buzzing high-street retailer, Top man has been in business since 1978 and it’s easy to see why! Their on trend clothing and accessories are made to make you stand out!  With the student discount trendy becomes affordable.


From socks, to trainers to tracksuits there’s so much to buy! This is where Nike’s student discount comes into play.

Students get 10% off at Nike!

It says it right there. Everybody appears to be wearing Nike these days. But with their student discount so can you!

Also is known for always having special offers out so keep that in mind.


Levis student discount
Souce: Levis

Lastly we have, Levis. This store makes the list due to their generous offer to students who use their online store. Upon verification, you are given a 15% discount on all the items! Additionally, Levi has a second-hand section where you can find cheaper and potentially vintage alternatives. Levi has proudly taken the inattentive observing thrifting trends and making second-hand cool again.

There’s no reason why you should miss out on this!

It’s not easy being a student.

The pressures of fitting in too often coincide with the need to look a certain way. There’s no need to reinvent yourself (or your wardrobe while at uni).

But everybody wants to look good, if you do find yourself needing new clothes know that there are a number of UK clothing stores with student discounts. However not all of them have discounts as good as the ones listed here.  Being able to look good doesn’t have to hurt your pockets. As we’ve demonstrated above ASOS, TOPMAN, Levi as well as other clothing giants are here to assist you with all of your fashion needs!

Take our advice and make good use of that student discount, you’ll be surprised at how much you save! For more money-saving advice, check out our list of the best student discounts in the UK right now! 

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