These are the UK universities with the nicest student halls

These are the UK universities with the nicest student halls

Student halls are a very big part of your first year at university. You will be living there for 9 months and it’s where you will first meet people after you move. It can honestly make or break your first year at uni. That’s why it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make before you go. While it may not necessarily be your most important reason for choosing a university, it should definitely be something you take into account while making your decision. So, these are some UK universities with the nicest student halls. 

Disclaimer – There is no completely objective way of measuring which student halls are the “nicest”. This list is based on the rankings from University Compare. It’s a completely subjective list, so there isn’t an exact way to determine whether these halls will be what’s best for you or not. Take it into account, but if you’re able to, visit, have a look around, talk to people who live or have lived there. Give yourself as much information as you can before making the decision.

Additionally – This list will focus exclusively on undergrad halls. Many universities will have the option for postgrads to stay in halls exclusively for them, but this list shall focus just on the undergrad student halls.


Loughborough has a reputation for being one of the best universities in the country in many respects, and its accommodation is no different. It won the Whatuni student choice awards for halls and student accommodation in 2019. With 16 undergraduate halls, 7 catered and 9 self-catered, there is a nice variety no matter what your wishes are. With an average weekly cost of between £146.46 and £207.87 for catered halls and £104.64 and £195.08 for self-catered halls, there’s something in everyone’s budget. 


Like Loughborough, Exeter has both catered and self-catered halls across all its campuses, although there are significantly more self-catered halls. There are a number of different options if you would want to be on campus or off-campus, all in close proximity to the centre of each campus. For the main Streatham campus, the furthest you’ll be away from the centre is a 20-minute walk. For the halls closer to the St Luke’s campus, the furthest you’ll be from its centre is a 12-minute walk. Perfect for those pesky 9ams.

Edge Hill

Edge Hill, located in Ormskirk, in the outskirts of Liverpool, was considered to be the best value-for-money student accommodation in the national student housing awards in 2019. With options ranging between £77 to £143 a week for this upcoming academic year, it’s a very good value for money. All its halls are self-catered and a majority of rooms have ensuite options. Looking at their accommodation, I’m honestly very jealous. It looks very nice. 

Royal Holloway, London

Royal Holloway, located in Egham, Surrey, so not actually in London, has a number of different student options. One, Founder’s, looks like an actual castle and was inspired by the French Chateau de Chambord in France that has also been used as a filming location for a number of different movies like Avengers Age of Ultron or Jack Ryan, so it’s definitely unlike any other student accommodation options. The accommodation is fairly reasonably priced too, with options ranging from £122 to £187 a week, there are options within everyone’s budget. 

So, there you have it. These are some of the UK universities with the nicest student halls. As I said earlier, there is no definitive way of measuring which is the nicest because everyone’s opinions, desires and wishes will be slightly different, but listening to the experience of those who have lived in halls already can be a useful voice to have while making your decision. If you’d like to see what the best student halls in your university city are, check out our website here.

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